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Besides, it was in another Country!

By ATWadmin On February 24th, 2010

I have written before on one of the largest scandals ever to have surfaced regarding abused children in this Nation of ours. It is the story of deceit, lies, abuse, indifference, buggery, slavery, rape, legalised kidnap and the total neglect of a resource so precious it should have resulted in world-wide prosecutions.

I refer of course of course to the chilling legal shipment, to Australia, Canada, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), ; along with various minor Commonwealth destinations of over 150,000 (That is One Hundred and Fifty Thousand children, our own kith and kin, under the guise of ‘A Better Life’. They were chosen on a basis of either ‘his mother is not married, therefore she doesn’t count, because she is less than civilized’ or ‘his (or her) family have placed him in care because the parents are ill, so he won’t be missed’; or any number of ill-thought out reasons to disguise the real reason. This was simply, ‘The Commonwealth needs new European stock to revitalise their own, as immigration is slowing down; and we have access to large numbers of children so young they won’t understand; so WHY NOT?’.

Those youngsters were treated as slave labour, ill-fed, sexually and physically abused, lied to, and forgotten for over forty years, and it was only after some, now middle-aged Englishmen and Women tried to find out where they came from, and what had happened to their former families that the truth commenced to trickle out from behind the blank wall of official denial.

But all is now saved, all is forgiven, because the British Prime Minister is APOLOGIZING to those extremely reluctant migrants from forty and fifty years ago! No mention of compensation; no words of comfort, or acceptance that things could have been different, the lies should not have been told, the abuse should not have happened. Just Gordon Brown, a proven serial liar, emoting for the cameras once more! I wonder if his eyes will tear up again? I wonder if his voice will tremor with emotion? I am told he’s very good at that!


I found this document, published by The Eros Foundation, and whilst I can understand the reasons behind its compilation, I found it strangely compelling in the statistics alone.


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5 Responses to “Besides, it was in another Country!”

  1. How to destroy a Nation 101. They were doing this to our own children while they welcomed aliens from other countries to occupy our cities. This is part of the population replacement plan that goes right back to 1951. The words ‘hideously white’ of Greg Dyke were not inappropriate. The elite of this country long ago decided that they hated the working class so much that they would destroy them in any way they could. They bulldozed and destroyed old communities, they kicked the Britons to the bottom of housing lists while they pushed in an army of immigrants to break these communities up. Excess white children were dumped abroad like rubbish. Then as a flourish they opened the floodgates to a sea of Islam while people like Prince Charles ensured that they kept their own mediaeval ways and worshipped in ever larger mosques that now dominate the landscape. Anybody who dissented from this is just villified as a racist.

  2. Good post, Mike.

    Are you a reader of The Jew of Malta or TS Eliot for your header?

  3. You must forget Gordon Brown and his apology, he is in a pre-election psychosis and is currently blowing off on mercy killing, as well as apologising for slavery, the empire, catholic paedophilia, Christianity and anything else which may get the mawkish vote. But you must remember what the prospects were for these children in the fifties and sixties in this country. The future for them at that time must have been bleak in the extreme. Not to have parents back then meant a life of disapproval, stigma, and few opportunities. Australia must have seemed like paradise then, sunshine and a new opportunity. The problem as always turned out to be the people entrusted with their welfare everywhere they went. In the present day the problem would be sheer numbers of children at risk as marriage moves towards final destruction at the hands of the liberal elite and increasing numbers of feral abandoned children of mixed race gradually become a majority. Different times, different problems. Read the newspapers, its all in there every day.

  4. It is disgusting that the ruling classes in Britain treated 150,000 poverty-stricken children like slaves and transported them all across the world to be used and abused by sadistic and perverted thugs. It helps to explain the silence when the Ryan Report and Murphy Report were released as they knew they were guilty of the same child human rights abuses as the Irish State and Roman Religious Orders. The people ‘transported’ to their colonies should be given compensation for their horrific treatment by a British Government who knew exactly what they were doing and no amount of money will ever compensate these people for wrecked and ruined lives. The horrific abuse endured by these helpless and defenceless kids must never be forgotten as the poorest and weakest and most vulnerable were exploited by the ruling elite and their anti-christian churches.

  5. The BBC mentioned the fact that Gordon apologised so many times that I lost count!