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By ATWadmin On March 12th, 2010

What do you make of this?

Having seen the tranquility of their beautiful hamlet shattered by 70 travellers, residents prayed the new arrivals would soon move on.

Instead, they could be staying permanently – after a judge yesterday ordered the council to give their camp its own postcode. The travellers, who keep 30 caravans at the site near Hardhorn, Lancashire, argued they need a postcode to help fire and ambulance crews find them in an emergency. Even better, for the “travellers” they can now also apply for state benefits, as well as for utilities including gas, electricity and water. The travellers are also applying for planning permission to stay permanently and propose to install utility buildings, cesspools and hardstandings for their caravans.

In this way, the liberal judiciary, destroy from within.


  1. I live too close to this.


    They have my deepest sympathy for a life completely and irrrevocably ruined. Taxes up and your house price down 50% – so you can’t move.
    Happy days.

  2. The best weapon the irish ever unleashed on the english was the travellers, their alot more potent and troublesome the any IRA bomb, over here they are a sheer nuisance but the irish dont pander to them and the gardai know how to deal with them. The brits need to take the gloves off when it come to irish travellers otherwise they will continue to reek havoc and take the mickey.

  3. And then these Irish parasite scum will just go to the "Human Rights" bods in Europe who will ensure their every need is accommodated.

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