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By ATWadmin On November 13th, 2006

You have to feel sorry for the Isles of Scilly Council.

Their problems started when they were named and shamed by the Fire Brigades Black and Ethnic Minority Council Trades Union for what it calls an "abysmal" shortage of ethnic minority staff! The Islands’ resident fire chief Alan Hicks said: “Pro rata, the eIsles_of_Scilly_Council_Flag.bmpthnic composition of the fire brigade is entirely consistent with and accurately reflects the ethnic composition of the wider community." He’s right. The Ethnic Minority population living in the Scilly Isles is ZERO but I suppose the FBU will be demanding that the Scilly Isles Council imports ethnics in order for it to justify its otherwise stupid criticisms.

Hot on the heels of the FBU onslaught comes the news that the Audit Commission has criticised the Scilly Council for its failure to implement government initiatives to reduce deaths on the road. The Scilly Isles have a road death rate of ZERO since the invention of the motor car. No one has ever been killed in a road accident there. Clearly they have a way to go before living up to central Government’s expectations!

Hat-tip to Private Eye!

4 Responses to “SCILLY BILLIES….”

  1. Perhaps we can get the F.B.U., the Audit Commission, and the Home Office to collaborate in order to get the statistical road death count corrected by importing those Black and Asian clowns who are at present under British ‘control orders’ as a result of their predilection for mass murder; then arrange for a select few guys with souped-up cars towing caravans, at present hidden by Government decree behind or in garages, to come swooping down, clean them out, pick up the bodies and stow them in the afore-mentioned caravans, and there we are, some of our statistical problems solved!

  2. Just remebered, it’s the Channel Isles which bans caravans, so we’ll have to think again!

  3. Well what do you expect from a council whose flag is a s(c)illy face?

  4. If my house went on fire I wouldn’t care if the fireman who saved me was a black, Asian, Polish, Jewish, Muslim……………….

    But this quota stuff only ever works if you’re taking on someone who is competent for the task at hand. Positive discrimination is still discrimination and I’m not at all for it because if anything it undermines it’s own cause.