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By ATWadmin On April 13th, 2010

IT’S always a pleasure to hear a patriot speak, although (God help us) we learn that President von Rumpy Pumpy has a Ten Year Economic Plan. Aye, always a plan, never an ounce of shame nor the slightest historical awareness. Hope springs eternal for Euro pig iron production.

I wish Nigel Farage all the best against the Buckingham swindler.

4 Responses to “WELL SAID THAT MAN”

  1. Pete,

    "President von Rumpy Pumpy"

    Who he? I do wish you posters would stop employing the language of the nursery. It’s most unbecoming.

  2. Hopey changey.

  3. Farage is right. The man is unelected and we have not been allowed to vote on the Lisbon Treaty. When it comes to being a Democracy the EU is a joke and our politicians should be ashamed to be associated with it. Now that situation is unbecoming.

  4. He’s magnificent, Pete. I’m feeling a little flushed after listening to that fine performance.