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By ATWadmin On April 16th, 2010

We already spend a fortune on trying to educate the underclass, on top of various other social leveling projects, to no effect. Gordon Brown has spent enormous amounts of other people’s money on the poorest 10 per cent, and yet inequality is greater than ever. You can’t fix a broken society like that because society is glued together by morality, not money.

Ed West suggests that Old Labour was infinitely preferable to New Labour, a view which someone around here (modesty forbids) has long propounded.

Do read it all.

Old Labour, for all its (many) faults, was a patriotic, socially conservative movement which believed in the dignity and responsibility of the working class. The current party has travelled so far from this tradition it isn’t remotely comparable.

6 Responses to “ATW QOTD”

  1. The obvious solution is to reduce the school-leaving age to 11, or better still, abolish it and make education optional. Think of the tax cuts that would result if only 25% of children were in education!

  2. As usual Pete you are right on what you comment on…and as usual `stupid Peter’ is being his tipical dikhead self, in his putdown of `one’ whom he considers to be from rightworld’.

  3. Peter’s remark was damn funny.
    Get a spell checker Coaldust.

  4. Peter –

    There are obvious solutions, becoming ever more shrill isn’t one of them.

  5. Bernard..Peter was just being Peter…and you being pedantic was just being has stupid as him.

  6. "Coaldust"

    Keep on being a rightist jerk. It’s like the law of gravity – maybe they taught you that at school?