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The fragmented mind of London’s Mayor

By ATWadmin On November 1st, 2006

newt.jpgI heard Ken Livingstone on the radio yesterday giving the interview reported here and here, on the question of why a convicted terrorist, the son of Abu Hamza, was working on the London Underground. Livingstone dismissed as preposterous the idea that this person posed any threat. After all, it was only in Yemen where he was jailed.

I expect Ken knows nothing about Yemen and the functioning of Justice therein, either generally or in this specific case. To suggest that any conviction from there can be automatically ignored is dangerous and patronising.

Neither report mentions the comparison he made between Abu Hamza, in jail for incitement to murder, and Veronica Wadley, the editor of the Evening Standard, a newspaper he has hated ever since he stopped writing their restaurant column and realised they were Nazis. The child of either could work on the tube, he said, the parent had no bearing on the child’s suitability.

Standard fare for the useless Mayor, combining willful ingorance and gratuitous insults, but it’s beginning to seem like something more serious, something medical.  Perhaps an extended visit to one of Cuba’s wonderful sanitoriums would do Comrade Ken some good.  It would certainly do London a favour.

5 Responses to “The fragmented mind of London’s Mayor”

  1. "I expect Ken knows nothing about Yemen and the functioning of Justice therein,"

    Yes, knowing zilch about other cultures is one of the prerequisites for being a good multiculturalist.

  2. It’s strange, isn’t it? Maybe if President Saleh denounced the US more often (I’m sure he does sometimes), Ken would be able to find it on the map.

  3. I was talking to one of the bereaved from the July bombings and she was really angry with Livingston to say the least

  4. I’m not surprised Aileen. I’m beginning to pity him more than anything.

  5. John Kerry and Ken deserve one another. maybe they could pair up and trot along for a long walk. Preferably off a short pier.