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The Wrong Question, and the wrong Answer

By ATWadmin On May 7th, 2010

The New York Times, whose banner reads ‘All the news that’s fit to Print’ asks a question which it believes is pertinent to today, but not only gets the wrong answer, it didn’t ask the correct question.

The NY Times states that the latest two terror attackers both came from privileged backgrounds, from lives far above the normal poverty which is the lot of the ‘usual suspects’ in terror attacks; and it just simply doesn’t understand how they came to believe and act in the way which they did!

The Times Square bomber comes from a truly privileged background.  From 1995 to 1998, his father, Bahar ul-Haq, served as deputy director of Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority, according to a spokesman for the organization. The teenage Shahzad lived in some luxury — a comfortable, two-story house close to the city airport, with palm trees in the garden and bougainvillea spilling over the wall. Shahzad’s parents, who hail from a village near Peshawar, had retired to a house in Hayatabad, the city’s most expensive neighbourhood. They write about his upbringing in that column in the NY Times, and they just don’t understand where he went wrong.

Umar Farouk  Abdulmutallab grew up in a rarefied slice of Nigeria, the son of an affluent banker. He attended one of the West Africa’s best schools, the British School of Lomé in Togo. After high school, he went to Britain and enrolled at University College London to study mechanical engineering. A friend describes how Mr. Abdulmutallab was like most other students at the school, with a particular interest in studying history, and a preference for hip-hop music. The NY Times again describes a privileged and cosetted upbringing, and wonders why and how he went so badly astray!

The answer, and the unasked question, which was omitted by the oh-so-liberal NY Times editorial team, is simply this; why did these men plan and attempt to carry out their murderous attacks, why did these men, brought up with every privilege in their world, take great care to try and kill as many as they possibly could gather together?  

The answer, my friends, is quite simple, they were Muslim, affianced to a religion which tends to kill those it cannot conquer, which goes for obliteration rather than assimilation! That is why the petrol canisters and propane tanks were packed inside that 4X4 vehicle in  Times Square; that is why the would-be terrorist stacked his underwear with a particularly powerful explosive before he boarded that jet in Amsterdam. That is why they try, and that is why they will continue to try, because they hate us for being free, for having free speech; for not being Muslim!

5 Responses to “The Wrong Question, and the wrong Answer”

  1. Once again Mike you hit the nail on the head.

  2. There were multiple comments on reuters, ap etc about " what was the motive"?

    As if anyone on the planet did not know.

    Osama bin Laden came from a rich family.

    Economics is pretty close to a zero factor in these matters.

  3. So did Timothy Mcveigh convert to islam before or after Oklahoma City?

    When did Stalin?

    Who knew Hitler was a closset Muslim?

  4. The NYT was obviously pushing the tired old line "poverty is the root cause of [insert whatever atrocious behaviour/attitude you wish to justify here]".

  5. You hit the nail on the head…