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Lest We Forget

By ATWadmin On November 12th, 2006

I went to London for the weekend.  Usually I travel to the capital for the shopping.  This time it was to watch today’s Remembrance Sunday march-past.  It was the first time I had ever attended this event in the capital and I have to say it was a very moving experience.  I watched the Queen lay the principal wreath, followed by various politicians who, having remembered the sacrifice of the older generations on this particular day, spend the next 364 treating them like dirt.

My grandfathers both fought in World War 2 and my paternal great grandfather was in the 36th Ulster Division.  I have known many who have served their country and it is especially moving on this day to see a sense of shared duty with soldiers from across the Commonwealth.  Numerous High Commissioners were present to lay their respective wreaths at the Cenotaph.  For anyone who cares deeply about the role our boys have played defending democracy across the globe – not least in our own country, I highly recommend attendance at next year’s event.

Seeing all those different countries pay their respects with the poppies, I am reminded once again of the annual display of Irish republican petulance surrounding the acts of Remembrance.  Whilst decent folks in the Irish Republic honour those who fought alongside the Allied Forces in various battles, you still have the over-inflated voices of those who wouldn’t even enjoy the freedom to cast aspersions on our act of remembrance, nor be free to write their ignorant and ill-conceived perspectives on alleged analogies between the imperialism of the Kaiser and the British Empire.

Doubtless there will be many in the rat-holes of republican ‘Oireland’ who would never consider wearing a poppy.  All I can say is ‘lucky old poppy!’  The symbol is too noble an emblem to be worn by those who would not recognise the true principles of valour, camaraderie and soldiering if they collectively defecated on their tainted consciences.

11 Responses to “Lest We Forget”

  1. >>by those who would not recognise the true principles of valour, camaraderie and soldiering if they collectively defecated on their tainted consciences<<

    Nobody with respect for the principles or the people you pretend to honour would use such images in the same context.

  2. Don’t presume to know what I think or feel. You have no idea.

  3. It seems you have been viewing Balrog, again.

  4. I was pointed in the direction of your article by an e-mail, so the answer is ‘yes’.

    It’s a pity we didn’t have a government prepared to treat your ‘heroes’ the same way as we treated Hitler’s Nazis. There is, after all, little to distinguish them in terms of thought processes.

  5. It was a very moving tribute all weekend in the capital. I didnt get to go this year but have done previously. The British Remember (and do so very well). Its something I feel immense pride in. Im not really sure why people wouldnt want to wear a poppy given the importantce of their sacrifuce overall and for us ALL. Channel 4 also ran a great piece on the Somme on Saturday night. Very moving & informative.

  6. <q>It seems you have been viewing Balrog, again.</q>

    And a good read it was Chris – now you have "taken the boat" your writing seems to have become more stridently "plastic" with guff about ‘the Butcher’s apron’ and British Army oppression of the Irish people – Tchah! Outrageous – everybody knows oppressing the Irish people is the provo branch of SF/MI5’s job!

  7. <em>And a good read it was Chris</em>

    Go raibh maith agat

    <em>now you have "taken the boat" your writing seems to have become more stridently "plastic"</em>

    I have always called a spade a spade, you know that. Trying to suggest that either I or my writing has become "plastic" is quite pathetic.

    You have no problem with plastics when they suit your own agenda, that makes you a hypocrite.

    <em>guff about ‘the Butcher’s apron'</em>

    You should know by now that I always choose my words carefully. It was the most appropriate term in the circumstances.

    <em>everybody knows oppressing the Irish people is the provo branch of SF/MI5’s job</em>

    Poor MR, what ever happenned to that alter ego Davros who used to be reasonable and vote Sinn Féin.

    I liked Davros 😉

  8. Chris

    While I wouldn’t always agree with you, I think you’re spot on with your comment about Madradin’s attitude to "plastics" as he calls them.

    When it suits him, he agrees with them and completely ignores the fact that they are, in his view, "plastics".

    However, if they disgree with him, he spouts the usual crap about "plastics" not knowing what they are talking about and their views being therefore worthless.

    That certainly meets my definition of a hypocrite and I’m pretty ceratin that most open minded people would agree.

  9. Come on Chris – did you get a Yank to ghost write that for you ? 😉

  10. Billy – I know you are a bit slow so I’ll make it easy for you – Chris’s point about "Plastics" depends on how one defines the term. I know that Chris has the same feelings of contempt for the Plastic Paddies who buy Wolfe Tone CDs and Armalite badges from the SF website as I do … That’s Hypocrisy Sinn Féin style 🙂

  11. Billy you won the pot tonite, well played 🙂