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By ATWadmin On May 18th, 2010

Not that the MSM increasingly acts as a mere conduit for press releases, but check out the critical analysis in the Telegraph:

Britain’s inflation rate jumped more than expected in April to hit a 17-month high, driven by big rises in tax on alcohol and tobacco, as well as women’s clothing and food prices.

More than expected? By whom?

What does anyone expect a £200billion counterfeiting operation to achieve? A fall in the price of bread?

I would love to know the real rate of (price) inflation. My two three penneth is that it’s going on for ten per cent, making us all much poorer very quickly, as evidenced by the fella who changes the fuel price on the scoreboard at my local BP garage; he was up the ladder three times by the time I’d filled up the motor tonight. Save your legs and stay up there pal.

Look at housing, look at food, look at fuel, they’re all on the up pronto while the government, Bank of England and CBI throw electrical goods (which always fall in price) into the basket to mask what they’re doing to our money.


  1. Anyone with money in, for example, a Cash Isa has been receiving a return of less than one percent while house buyers now receive a subsidised mortgage. When are savers going to receive a fare deal from our new government?

  2. Peter T –

    Yes, and this is the conundrum for any sort of recovery that the government hopes for :- Consumer-led spending to kickstart the revival.
    But the spenders with money are now seeing their saving actually dwindling, so they cut back on everything they can, with the result the domestic economy shrinks even more. It’s a vicious spiral that will cause living standards to steadily drop.
    No answer to any of it.