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What goes around, comes around.

By ATWadmin On May 18th, 2010


Way way back in the dim mists of time, back when David Cameron was still a chirpy Leader of the Opposition, he promised British voters something very special! He promised us, on 2nd June 2009, a Referendum on the European Constitution. He promised us a say in how we are Governed, how we throw and fill up our rubbish bins, he promised us a say in how we are represented across the world, he promised us a say in how our money is spent by a spendthrift European Parliament, Commission & Council. We all know that politicians promises are as ephemeral as the volcanic ash which is drifting out from Eyjafjallajökull, and are rarely as solid as that ash. 

But there is a strange glow on the horizon. It is the sight of a large band of Eurosceptics lighting a fire at their campsites, readying yet another attempt to make at least one politician keep one promise made earlier. There has to be a formal change to the Treaty of Lisbon. This was the European Constitution whose name was altered so as to invalidate the democratic calls from France, Ireland and others; this was the Treaty which Gordon Brown signed on behalf of us all. This is the next step on the way to a European State. We have the EU Foreign Service, the permanent President of the Union’s Commission, the whole panoply of a Nation State is due to fall into line, all brought into being by the Treaty. That is the present state of Treaty progress which is due to be altered, in Brussels, in order to formalise the imbalance of Parliamentary seats made by that same Treaty.

Now THIS is where it gets really interesting, because the ‘Boy David’ might be reminded of his rash but generous pledge not to allow any more Treaty Revisions, nor to allow any more attempts without a clear and unambiguous result of a Referendum which would involve the British public. The British, possibly the most Eurosceptic of all the 27 member nation States which form the Union, for the first time in a very long time, we, the People, might, just might, get a say in how we are to be governed for the next hundred years!


4 Responses to “What goes around, comes around.”

  1. Arent they intending to sneak this next one through as a ‘techincal amendment’. Cameron is on borrowed time if he pulls another fast one.

  2. iluvni,

    You make me feel so blue! – literally….

  3. Or maybe it’s all Mike’s fault? Has no-one else got a rash of print of a beautiful blue hue?

  4. It would be wonderful, but i for one will not be holding my breath.