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Run, Newt Run

By ATWadmin On May 18th, 2010


41 Responses to “Run, Newt Run”

  1. He’ll run away instead.

  2. Talk the talk, Newt!

  3. Newt is brilliant and an idea guy, but he’s a freak.

    He has zero chance of winning a national election.


  4. Yeah, it has to be Palin for POTUS. She’s eminently qualified.

  5. yeah I think she was a community organizer once.

    Don’t count Newt out, thats a foolish mistake.

  6. Newt has too many skeletons in his closset, he is too smart to want them dragged out again and again and again

  7. you mean like bomb planting terrorists, and Marxist racist Reverands as your best freinds

  8. LOL troll you can be so amusing, Newts personal life alone is enough to barbeque his future

  9. Sean you have no idea what people think or feel in this country, The skeletons in Newts closet match nothing with the Clintons or Obama’s.

    You also have no idea of how the 70% of Americans who normally don’t vote feel about him. You people over there are watching your news coverage and our MSM and you have no clue whats coming down the road.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s Palin, Romney, Newt, or Donald Duck who ever wins the nomination to run against Obama will win.

    Newt is the best orator in the country even if he loses if he is in the race the issues that he will force the press and the rest of the candidates to discuss will fry the left.

    That alone will buy him the votes he needs to be one of the last 3. What you, phantom, mahons and the rest of the world for that matter don’t understand is that Newt doesn’t need to appeal to people like you.

    He need only appeal to the unwashed like me. We out number the rest of the country 2-1.

  10. Well if you outnumber me 2-1, then you and Monica both must have voted for Obama, because the last time I looked he was voted in by the voters of Pennsylvania and the US

  11. Troll – I am afraid that I can only agree with part of your comment, namely that Newt only need appeal to the unwashed such as yourself. Not of course to win nationally, which is impossible for him, but to preserve his status quo as a talking head. He need only rile up the angry base, who are uninterested in governing and merely interested in their litinany of grievances. He’s made his living on that now for years.

    If you did outnumber the rest of the country, and you don’t, you win all the time, which you don’t.

  12. That’s a very common mistake – that people think everyone is just like them

    As when the Manhattan or Hollywood lib, astonished that Bush had won the election said " I don’t know how he was elected. No one I know voted for him "!

    Troll, you’re a good guy but you are absolutely a minority in your worldview. America is a complex place, and the average guy ain’t you.

  13. I forget who the auther is but a book just came out that takes all the gallup information for the past 20 years and proves that the country is at a 70-30 split favoring the right of center.

    Now I’ll admit other than my views on the right to choose I haven’t got a center bone in my body. Obama won for 3 reasons the first and most important was the press not only didn’t vet him but went out of their way to bury stuff, no 2 everyone was tired of bush tired of the clintons he was new and he was black and seemed safe because of the msm. and no3 he ran against McCain and no one but the party wonks like myself came out and voted against him.

    The next two elections will prove my point.

  14. as for being a minority I agree I am.

    I’m a pro-choice Constitutional Conservative Capitalist, with fanatical tendencies

  15. America is center/right, but it ain’t 70-30 right of center.

    And huge states like New York and California are political zombies that have strong tendencies to vote Democratic for important offices regardless of who the candidate is.

    NY has been like that for most years, but California used to have a very healthy strong conservative movement and now they simply don’t have that any more.

  16. The North in Calif. still has a few enclaves of the right but not many, as I said I’ll find out who the book is by and let you know the numbers aren’t mine.

  17. California has a Public Employee Union run Democrat legislature.

    The Conservative movement is as strong as it ever was – it’s just that the Public Employee Unions have elected their people to positions of power and those people now have tax coffers and tax monies as well as union dues to spread their message, and wield their considerable power to get their way.

    The individual — conservative or otherwise – has no representation. (or very little)

  18. For Gods sake, Virginia and North Carolina voted Obama

    There were unique factors there – the first real black candidate, Bush’s collapse as a handoff to McCain, etc

    But its not just things like that.

    The urban and suburban voters of northern VA or Charlotte, etc are not automatic Republican or conservative voters any more. Its way more complicated than that.

  19. In California, it was Governor Jerry Brown, incidentally, who made it possible for public employees to unionize. In the 1970’s…. and then it was "adios" to conservative and private non-unionized taxpayer representation.

    It’s hard to beat union backed candidates – especially when they are public employees and have tax monies at their disposal.

  20. The unions get their members to show up election day

    You guys need to get your friends to show up on election day

  21. Troll

    Over there? I live in Canada and inter act with Americans more than you think, infact I am pretty sure I spent more time in Arizona last year then you did, but I could be wrongas I only spent 28 days there

    Are you an Ivey League educated elite or part of the great unwashed? You seem to be pushing both lines now and I find it a bit of a dychotomy

    You are right, I do not have any idea what the 70% of americans that don’t vote think! Nobody does because they don’t vote! And if you don’t vote, in a democracy you don’t count.

    I have never seen anyone claim that newt is an orator, keep em coming

    For having a 2-1 majority your side does surprisingly bad in elections especially as you keep dissavowing the Rhinos

    You would almost think maybe you have the whole thing bass ackwards

  22. The public employee unions do a whole lot more than get their "friends" to vote on election day.

    I wish it were so innocent and so simple.

  23. Bribery ( campaign contributions ) is part of it.

    But they show up on election day, and your guys do not. They have a ground game, and you do not.

    Which is why the unions there won all the ballot initiatives.

  24. Public employee unions are taxpayer funded political machines.

    I don’t care how many coffee klatches we have, my friends and I are not sophisticated political machines, with funding for salaries, advertising, infrastructure etc. We are just folks with jobs and families and only so much free time.

  25. I sympathize but you’d better find the time, or you’ll have lost the Golden State for good.

    If you haven’t lost it already.

    Wait until the illegal population are given "a path to citizenship"

  26. Maybe you’d lend me a couple million for a sophisticated ad blitz? An ad blitz that features children crying because their schools are going to close if heartless conservatives are elected?

    oops! I meant an ad blitz that features Conservatives improving schools by giving parents the option to choose with vouchers, and happy children laughing at how fun it is to read and write!

  27. It’s your Obama that will give away a "path to citizenship" for votes.

    Although, to be honest, McCain was in the same mode, with his Kennedy/McCain Amnesty Bill.

    Ironic that now McCain held his finger up to the wind and changed his tune and wants to close the border before amnesty.

  28. What percentage of the voting population in a state like CAL are in unions, anyone know?

  29. it’s very simple, Obama is a Marxist he has seized control of 60% of the American economy, unemployment is at 10% for those collecting and 15% when you count those that have exhausted their unemployment.

    The economy is colapsing not growing we need 150,000 jobs a month to be created just to keep up with the graduation rate.

    Raising taxes destroys job growth, debt destroys job growth, the govt cann not hire enough people to bring the numbers above down.

    Greece is a picnic in the park compared to the collapse of our economy and the majority will not allow that to happen.

    We will change the flow of national politics from the left to the right in two elections and not a shot will be fired and not a single riot in the streets, but the sweep is coming.

  30. You guys are the majority?

    Prove it.


  31. I believe I heard that the public sector will soon outnumber the private sector. With private industry leaving the state in droves, tax revenues are going down, down, down. Since the public sector requires the private sector, Ca. is in world of hurt.

    The money tree in the backyard is dying, and no one in the cushy public sector knows what to do!

  32. The economy is not collapsing.

  33. The only solution is to nationalize all industry and then to force people to work.

    Private industry is a luxury we simply cannot afford! (sarc)

  34. Phantom it’s called the tea party, and the conservative right Like I said believe what you want to believe the next two elections will tell who is right.

    GINGRICH: "Well, the reason I wrote To Save America, it, and I say at the beginning this is not a book I thought I’d ever write. I mean, I thought after Reagan defeated the Soviet empire and tax cuts led to economic growth and believing in America led to the most dramatic period of positive progress, I really underestimated the depth of the Marxist, secular, socialist mindset in the academy and in the bureaucracy and in judgeships and in the newsrooms.

    The goal that the Obama team has is to fundamentally replace the historic America of self reliance, independence, the work ethic, the people who go out and achieve because they spend their lifetime doing the right things and they want to replace it with a politician dominated redistributionist bureaucracy which in the essence would mean the end of the America as it has been for the last 400 years."

  35. The Tea Party has its role to play, but I have a hard time seeing them winning anything lasting in a state like California.

    Its a protest movement. Nothing more, nothing less.

  36. Cheers

    Off to the Paris Cafe to drink some grog then off to Yankee Stadium

  37. The Tea Party movement just has to help reframe the debate — limited government. Fiscal responsibility. Self-reliance. Uphold the Constitution.

    The movement doesn’t have to endorse individual candidates to "win".

  38. no your wrong, it’s not a movement. It’s plain middle class america saying enough is enough. It ain’t left it ain’t right it’s basic. The direction the country wants to go is not the direction the govt is taking them.

    68% of America was against the healthcare bill 56% against the stimulas, that didn’t stimulate anything. They rammed both those bills through.

    This isn’t about Republican vs Democrat this is about Marxism vs Capitailism and the people against the professional politicians. The Old Republicans and the RNC have just as much to worry about as the Democrats

  39. GLENN: Do you think the Republicans actually get it yet?

    GINGRICH: I don’t think they get it yet but I think they are getting closer to getting it and I think frankly — I meet with tea party people everywhere I go for American Solutions. I think that the pressure from back home is moving the whole system, but I think you have to, you have to defeat the Democrats and then you have to keep, hold the Republicans’ feet to the fire. Reagan had the right to allow, used to say trust but verify. I don’t think you ought to elect the Republicans and turn your back and relax. I think we have maybe ten years of continuous challenges and continuous conflict. I really think Chris Christie in many ways is a model of the future.

  40. Gingrich has it completely wrong, Reagan managed to get timed out by term limits before the inevitable crash that always follows reaganomics. His mess landed squarely in the lap bush the elder but every one could see it coming hence his now infamous"read my lips, no new taxes" The taxes had to come as reagan left nothing but massive debts and deficits.

    Bush the lesser did the 2 greatest economic sins possible, he lowered revenues and raised expenditures so much that he was simply unable to get out of the way and that is why his little reaganomic water balloon burst over his own head, he was just lucky to leave most of the clean up to the new guy.

    Troll answer me this are you part of the great unwashed or are you an ively league educated elite? You have claimed both positions but as they are polar opposites it would seem you have a split personality

  41. Sean
    it is thinking and economics that you post above at 10:15 that has caused the riots in Greece. Your economic beliefs don’t work