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By ATWadmin On March 24th, 2007

white_flag.jpgI’m beginning to catch up on stuff now that I am back at ATW central and I really couldn’t let this one pass without comment! It seems that the naturally irresponsibility of the MODERN Democrat Party has won through, hence the stupendous decision in the House to vote for a withdrawal of US troops by September next year – thus meeting a key Al Qu’eda demand. Very impressive.

Now let me say this – there are Democrat supporters who visit this site and with whom I can find much commonality of thought and they strike me as honourable folks who want to do that which is right. But guys, the political leadership of your Party as exemplified by Pelosi is nothing less than uber-liberal moonbattery! The modern Democrat Party has no will to win a war – no guts for the fight – all it can do is carp and criticise and then – when push comes to shove – raise a white flag and declare this a triumph. One final thought; what message do you think this vote sends to the Islamofascists? Are they winning, or are we?


  1. I couldn’t agree more David. It is doubtful this will pass the Senate, but if it does, Bush will be forced to veto the whole spending bill. Pure politics at the expense of our troops in time of war. Shameful!

  2. Yeah. Unreal. I don’t think it will get through the Senate and if it does, Bush has promised to veto it.

    There are lots of daytrippers out there in the world.

  3. The war is lost now thhey are just sacrificing young people to their "I am never wrong" platitudes.

    If they had taken the advice of the profesional soldiers from the begining instead of their half assed political cronies perhaps it could have been won but now its gone over the top

    They may as well withdraw now instead of continuoasly feeding there young people to the reaper until they are forced out, like in Vietnam

  4. Apparently Sean is a daytripper.

  5. Monica

    The gutless Daytrippers live amongst us.

  6. I dont know which is worse quite frankly – the comments on LGF or Daytrippers. About the same.

  7. Oh come on, Alison! The comments at LGF aren’t THAT bad. Many of the commentors there do not like mohammedism – so what? Is that such a bad thing?

  8. You guys can wear your blinders if you want but the only way to win the Iraq war is with 400,000 fresh troops and you just dont have them.

    the only way to get them is through conscription and the shrubbies aint got that kind of political capitol left.

    right now they are just trying to save face, but all they are really doing is feeding the soldiers to the meat grinder.

    Get out now and atleast you can say you left the Iraqies to solve their own problems as opposed to being chased out like in Vietnam leaving you with a definate defeat to another supposed inferior army

  9. No they are absolutely dreadful. The comments are unbelievably shocking regards the British. I hope that isnt the mindset of most Americans regards us our troops etc but its like reading the BBC comments on a bad day – in reverse. That isnt the way the blogosphere should be headed.

    The other day they also swiped a story from a British blogger who had worked to get some interesting stuff -they posted it and didnt even credit him for it. why not? It was a British story. I think i can guess. Daytripper and the LGFers are different sides of the same coin.

  10. I should clarify that the link to the story clearly pointed to the British blog so cant excuse Charles for that one. I always though the purpose of blogs was to dispel the rubbish skews of the MSM and open people up to debate.


  11. also I’m not the only one to wonder at the kind of insulist ignorant drivel there. I do wonder what the hell im doing every day rubbishing anti americanism when its pretty clear the same kind of crap spews forth across the Atlantic from the other side towards ‘Americas no 1 ally’ from people supposedly on the same side us re mo and co?

    comment last year from LGF comments section from someone who feels similarly strongly – read and see for yourself!!

    "With all due respect anthean, but what an incredibly stupid fucking statement. I’d love to know where you found the time to poll every British citizen, from the PM right down to the last shit-shovelling dock worker, for the basis of your outburst.

    It’s not just you either. I can’t count the number of posts I read each and every day prattling on about the lack of moral fortitude or opposition towards any given issue that can be ascribed to the people of Britain, mostly based on what little representation our media affords the majority of our citizens

    Need I point out that you would find it grossly offensive if we held to the view that Americans are little more than overweight, beer swilling, gun toting cowboys, sitting in their trailers and watching talk shows, waiting for the weekend when they’ll be marrying their cousins?. Never mind that it would be an entirely crass and uneducated view.

    So we just love to be bombed do we?. We’d just love to see our children blown to pieces by terrorists would we?. Whose arse did you pull that opinion from eh?.

    Also, since when did any single nation have the monopoly on historical infallibility?. Any person who wishes to express that their particular nation has never made a mistake or followed the wrong path before today is full of shit, end of story. No mans nation is unnacountable for its errors in the past, but the past is unchangeable.

    It’s where we go from today that determines where we’ll be tomorrow. As Churchill said: "If we open up a quarrel between the past and the present, we will find that we have lost our future".

    Yet there are those who would seek to judge the Britons of today upon the actions or misjudgements of people long dead and buried, people already judged by history. Would it be fair to say that all Americans are racists based on the history of the slave trade?. Of course it wouldn’t. So why paint all Britons today with the brush of Anti-Semitism on that same basis of historical prejudices?.

    There are many things wrong with our nations. Yet there are becoming too few people these days that seem capable of expressing the simple notion that we all have, to some degree, the same shit in our own back yards. This notion in itself is the seed of debate. I have had many productive discussions with people from many nations with a view to discussing our mutual problems and exploring the ways and means of solving them.

    But to hear my nation arbitrarily written off and spoken of as no better than our enemies, I must take issue. As I am sure most good and proud Americans would (and should) do, when their nation comes under attack. I would never attack the American nation in such manner as I have seen my nation attacked in some posts here. To do so would be ignorant and ungracious, sneering and self righteous.

    The possibility that some smelly little jihadi is looking at his computer screen, laughing and saying to his friend; "Look Ahmed…. They hate eachother as much as they hate us…. this is going to be easy!", is perhaps not as remote a possibility as people may think.

    Some people need to get a fucking grip"

    He’s 100% right.

  12. im feeling the love on this thread.

  13. Reality check folks.

    The Democrats won the elections three months ago on an anti-war ticket – remember? The white flag, if that’s what it is, has been signalled by the US electorate. They must all be traitors for voting to get the hell outa Iraq. There has been a consistent majority in the US in favour of pulling out for a long time. It’s Bush and his cronies who are out of step with public opinion.

  14. Reality check, Peter the Genius Who Knows All – the Republicans lost because their base is pissed off for not delivering on the conservative issues they promised to deliver on. You’re so wrong, in so many ways, on that comment above. It’s sad. Carry on, though.


    "Need I point out that you would find it grossly offensive if we held to the view that Americans are little more than overweight, beer swilling, gun toting cowboys, sitting in their trailers and watching talk shows, waiting for the weekend when they’ll be marrying their cousins?."

    I hear that kind of crap almost every time I read comments on any non-American blog. LOL! How many times have I been called a ‘redneck’ right here on my favorite Tangled Web? However – you have to admit that A Tangled Web (along with the many writers including you) is an unusual place when compared to the thousands of weblogs out there with the lefty, limp wrist, snooty, western civilization bashing POV.

    In fact, one of the reasons I was so taken with A Tangled Web so many years ago was because it was so different from anything I had ever seen outside of America.

    Most Americans see the BBC and other media institutions POV. Of course – they will be pissed. YOU’RE pissed when reading that drivel.

    I disagree with the commentors who have bad things to say about Britain. I love ya’s. I love your military men and women and hold them in as high regard as our own. I am as worried about those kidnapped marines of yours as I would be of American marines.

  15. I say pull out of Iraq now and let the Sunni and Shia butcher each other undisturbed.The brutal fact is Iraq makes South Armagh during the height of the Troubles look like a Sunday School class. Islam is by nature hateful, each towards each other whose doctrines from within Islam differ. While I was raised to be tolerant towards the minority community in NI I won`t apply this to muslims. They hate the West.Period.