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By ATWadmin On March 24th, 2007

ATW regular Ernest Young writes…

"I noticed a small item regarding desertions from the US military. Quoted from the NYT….

"Military desertions during the Iraq War period remain below peacetime levels. Desertions rates actually jumped  in 2001, with nearly 1,000 more soldiers deserting when all we were doing was invading Afghanistan and hunting for Osama bin Laden, than since we opened the second GWOT front in Iraq, when desertions dropped. Desertion rates during Vietnam Redux nowhere near desertion rates during Classic Vietnam.  The 2006 increase mentioned above is still many hundreds below the popular war period of 2001 and 2002."


"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, said she was not alarmed by the number of Army Desertions. "When Democrats say ˜We support the troops", Representative Pelosi -(Democrat House Leader), said, "These are the troops we’re talking about."

Now I am all for so-called ‘free speech’, but surely such remarks, especially from someone in Pelosi’s position, must amount to outright sedition and treason. This from a woman who voted in support for the war – when it suited her political convenience!  Sadly, this behaviour has to be expected from today’s Democrat Party, they have sacrificed any pretense of honesty or integrity – that they would betray their country for no other reason than spite of an individual, seems utterly reprehensible…"

14 Responses to “NANCY AND SEDITION….”

  1. It does seem to be a shocking statement for a senior politician to actively encourage desertion within the military.

  2. What an astonishing comment.

  3. Surely everyone knows that there is not an ounce of integrity amongst all politicians.

  4. Did she really say that? Unbelievable. And i thought Galloway was a nutjob, he makes no secret of his mentalism though.

  5. The original story came suposedly from the NYT of March 23rd…


    I couldn’t get a link direct to NYT, but I had seen reference to the same item on other web sites. This was via Instapundit, usually a very reliable and balanced blog.. in fact one of the very best!…


  6. Somehow it does seem to fit with David’s earlier posting….

  7. Did a little ask.com search. The quote is from "Scrapple face". It is a joke! http://www.scrappleface.com/?p=2534

  8. Did a little ask.com search. The quote is from "Scrapple face". It is a joke! http://www.scrappleface.com/?p=2534

  9. Well – the statistics about the deserting troops is not a joke. The Nancy Pe-Lousy quote does appear to be a joke…

  10. That makes sense then, because I am sure if she had actually said that it would have caused a huge uproar.

  11. That was why I gave the links. Mind you, it is very unusual for Instapundit to be misled!

    Apologies for the error…

  12. The original NYT link;


    I would like to think that it is just a joke…if it isn’t, then we are in real trouble!

    Once again, apologies to all, – especially David.

  13. Tintin,

    Nothing to do with David, I posted the item. Any errors are my fault…

    FYI – I served as a regular in Korea and Malaya, and have the scars to prove it!…so shut up with the stupid remarks…

  14. Ernest: Missed the tintin crack which apparently was rightly stricken from the record. Malaya and Korea – Impressive.

    As for the Pelosi quote, it seemed out of place to me (DV – the correction in the comments section instead of on the Post itself seems like poor sportsmanship. Pelosi has and will make poor comments in the future that you can nail her for).

    The desertion rates during Vietnam would clearly have been effected by the draft which we in the U.S. no longer have.