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By ATWadmin On November 13th, 2006

This one is steaming right down the rail-lines and we may as well confront it now.

fr-james_baker_III.jpgAs you know, President Bush set up the Iraq Study Group under the tutelage of good ol’ boy James Baker and Lee Hamilton. Over the next few weeks, the conclusions of this group will become more clear but we have a fair idea of what it will say….

The proposals reportedly include an approach to Iran and Syria — a policy that Robert Gates, a member of the commission, has argued for. Rarely has a government report been more eagerly awaited than the one being prepared by former secretary of state James Baker and former congressman Lee Hamilton, an Indiana Democrat, about how the U.S. can leave Iraq.


Now given that Iran and Syria are both confirmed member of the axis of evil – it’s interesting that Baker and Hamilton are going to recommend sitting down and talking to them.  And what, exactly, will be discussed? This is Bush preparing to discard his own doctrine under the cover provided by this Report from Baker and Hamilton. The consequences will be severe – first and most importantly for the Iraqi people we will betray, but also for the GOP base – which was wanting VICTORY and is now being offered DEFEAT.


  1. Baker and Hamilton are respected foreign policy experts who just might offer Bush some reason to shift gears (and not necessarily backward). I am taking a hopeful position.

  2. I am taking a realistic position. By the left..backwards…..

  3. I wouldn’t overestimate the power of the extreme liberal wing of the Democratic party. Bush still holds the power on foreign affairs and they will not be able to dictate to him. In addition, the Congress has too many sensible people (I know this is hard to believe) and self-interested people (easier to believe) who would not favor an immediate withdrawal. Hamilton and Baker are not peace-loving hippies, they are dead serious individuals who may be able to come up with some strategy that gives Bush some face-saving room to revise the present course.

  4. They are dead wrong individuals, serious or otherwise!

  5. Since they haven’t offered anything yet (report has not been delivered) I think you may be guilty of premature denunciation, which according to some woman I’ve known, is the second worst thing to be premature in.
    We know Bush, while having some redeeming values, is out of ideas here. A fresh look is critical now because it might provide him with the political cover he needs to at least stop repeating his present day mistakes. They may also provide support for the argument that suicide is what an immediate withdrawal would be.

  6. What does it mean to be a "confirmed member of the axis of evil?" That was just a populist term invented by Bush to appeal to his base.