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Some are more equal than others

By ATWadmin On June 23rd, 2010


We have, over the past twenty-four hours, been given Boy George’s idea of a masterclass in how to set the economic world to rights. I believe he is on the right track, but only if he rids us of all the ‘makee-workee/makee-learny’ non-job creations so beloved of the Labour lefties who believe that the State should be the only employer.

But one area of Government profligacy of a higher order is completely off-limits to George’s little axemen; that is of course the European Union bureaucracy. This animal, self-preservation at the forefront of all its thinking, has just announced a plan to have all National Budgets scrutinised by Europe before their parliaments get to see them. Cameron has said, flatly, ‘no way’, but the same group of people who want to scrutinise our Budget won’t let anyone get near theirs!

When Osborne and Alexander placed a ‘hold’ on a ‘search-and-rescue helicopter’ project costing £7 billion over ten years, everyone gasped, but when we look at Mr Van Rompuy’s new Brussels HQ, where £263 million of construction is planned, the EU building work continues without a murmur.

When we hear of work undergoing on the Large Hadron Collider, thats’ that enormous circular hole in the ground on France’s border with the Swiss which is filled with lots and lots of very expensive and delicate machinery so we, or rather the ‘experts’ can examine or re-create the ‘start of the universe; most just shrug. But what if we actually knew exactly how much this boondoggle actually costs? Trouble is, no-one knows how much it has cost, or will cost in the future. And yet the money, our money, keeps rolling into to the Coffers from Brussels. So what? So we can all listen to the supposed sounds of infinitely small particles hitting one another! I despair!


5 Responses to “Some are more equal than others”

  1. These are projects are from a past, gone age.

    When governments and economists convinced themselves prosperity would last forever snd hsd no idea (as if they still have) where their money printing would lead, crackpot schemes like pouring billions into finding some higgs boson thingy could get through. Now we’re skint, and who cares about higgs boson things? It’s a vastly expensive exercise, the only real point of which is to keep scientists in a job on the backs of the productive class.

    We can’t afford this self-indulgence anymore.

  2. How many additional Americans would have lost their lives in 1945/46 if vast sums hadn’t been poured into a project based on particle physics that "nobody" understood?

  3. I actually don’t mind scientific boondoggles at all. They give me hope, actually.

    Money spent on actual science beats money spent on welfare payments. Or global warming. Those are the real boondoggles. Or politically motivated academic grants designed to provide backup data for favored political programs.

  4. Noel Cunningham –

    Unlike the Large Hadron Collider, the Manhattan Project was not frivolous or self-indulgent.

  5. The idea that the politburo demands to scrutinize your books is funny, you get what you vote for, oh wait you didn’t get to vote did you?, your politicians just signed you up….lol

    As for the collider I’d rather see every dime spent on that than one penny on some bloke who refuses to get a job.

    but for those who don’t appreciate science don’t worry, there is still a chance that one of the experiments will lead to the creation of a black hole singularity that could actually consume the planet. That will solve all our problems.