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By ATWadmin On March 30th, 2007

Thanks to those kind souls who have thrown a few bucks our way care of the NEW Hap Tip button! We’re finishing the working week (but with plenty of weekend stuff to come – we never sleep here!) so why not show us some luvvvve and hit the tip if you haven’t already!!!


  1. It’s still all UK all the time on the paypal jar Darlin’. I would love to send some dollars to your wonderful cause, but it just isn’t letting me.

    How’s that – A woman who wants to spend money and can’t?

    Put up a P.O. Box and I’ll send you some greenbacks!

  2. Daphne,

    What is the error you get when you try to donate? I have received US donations, maybe you have to make them in UK Stg?

  3. Daphne, I had some trouble b/c there’s a drop dowm box saying "England." You have to pick US there, then where it asks for your address further down, it will allow you to pick your state. I didn’t see the 1st drop down, and was thinking it would only accept someone from England. Also I was using a credit card not pay pal. 🙂

  4. Charles,

    Much thanks!

  5. Thanks, Charles!

    It worked, a little money to you dear David!

  6. I don’t like PayPal, but here goes.
    David, how are the mugs coming along?

  7. De nada, my friends!

  8. Cunningham,

    Placing the order tomorrow, should have em early next week, and will then let everyone can see them. Daphne should be very pleased as I plan to immortalise her wise words on them…..!!!

  9. Daphne,

    Thank you so much for your generosity. I hope you will be pleased when you see what the ATW MUGS look like – you’re gonna be famous…

  10. Too cool.. I love mugs! How about t-shirts? Big ones for sleeping in, small ones with my boots and jeans.

    We’re gonna turn you into a big capitalist with a large product line!