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Just Another Day at the Office

By ATWadmin On September 1st, 2010

Photo pulled off  Hillbuzz

13 Responses to “Just Another Day at the Office”

  1. Gratuitous Annoy a Liberal Post,….LOL

    here's mine

  2. I wouldn't mind occupying her kneewell.

    Hubba, hubba!

  3. In your dreams.

  4. I wonder what Palin would be thinking in this particular fantasy…

    "Geez! Those guys at Blackwater were right! A coup d'etat sure is easier than y'think. Pity Newt went and got himself all shot up-er-somehow. I told him, stand back and other folks do the shootin'. Anyways, thank the lord ah don't have'ta find a way to impose martial law and cancel those goddamn pesky elections in four years time (it is four years, isn't it?). Hey, theres cable TV in here! Whoo-whee!"

  5. She even looks lost in that mock-up

  6. Nice image.

  7. Nice desk I wonder if she's looking for interns.

  8. The left and right compartments seem ample enough to house the two ghosts to do any writing and reading tasks while she gazes skyward and praises the Lord.

  9. She would go crazy looking for a corner in the room.

  10. "I wonder what Palin would be thinking in this particular fantasy."

    You dont have to wonder Mike 🙂


    "Gratuitous Annoy a Liberal Post,….LOL"

    LOL indeed. Classic.

  11. >>http://www.palinaspresident.us/<&lt;

    Superb, Daytripper. Best laughs come with a click on the monitor on the desk; then (a few times) on the door on the left.

  12. Flip the lightswitch, and find the pitbull w/ lipstick. 😀

  13. ahh the bile rises so quickly with Palin. I respect that in a good conservative.

    When the persons name alone causes a leftist to go into conniptions you know their special, and worthy of support just to watch the hysterics