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By ATWadmin On April 13th, 2007

THIS IS THE LEAD STORY FOR TODAY – BUT TO READ NEWER POSTS PLEASE SCROLL BELOW! (After you’ve bought a mug or two) ATW MUGS 001.jpgATW MUGS 002.jpgRight! Each day you come here and spend time reading and maybe even commenting on what you find. Admit it, you’re a MUG for ATW and so you need a mug or two from ATW! Well, I can announce that these are now IN STOCK and just awaiting YOU to place an order for them. When you visit here in the future, you’ll be able to sip a refreshing drink from your own ATW mug as you pound that keyboard, putting the world to right! 

Here’s the deal; It’s £8.50 for one, but only £16 for two. All profits go to ATW site maintenance! This is a strictly limited edition run so first come first served. Because we are environmentally conscious here on ATW, these special mugs must not be put through a dish-washer – wash ’em in the sink! So you’re even helping save the Planet AND avert further global warming! All prices are plus p&p.

Here’s what to do – place a firm order with us – just email me your details via the Email the Editor (top left hand box) and I’ll get a final price inc p&p for you. Then once you have this simply hit the paypal button via the Hit the Tip Jar. If you hate paypal, you can always send a cheque – just let me know whatever you prefer!

This is a first for us, we really need your support, so please consider buying a few mugs from ATW – it’s a way to help us fund this daily adventure.

Finally, my sincere thanks to regular reader Daphne for contributing the wonderful ATW slogan "A Mentally Deficient Pack of phobes"  – you KNOW it makes sense! C’mon – email me right now and pledge a few mugs in case we infuriate you so much you break one. These mugs are also available to all ATW writers, of course but in the interests of equality, which so concerns me, the price remains the same!!!


  1. LOL! Nice slogan! Although I was kind of hoping for "reader’s digest of rightworld" myself. 🙂

  2. Two Please David. Can you Invoice me via paypal ?

  3. Umm I think she was going for "A mentally deficient pack of phoebes"

    Phoebes being losers, sad bastards, and assorted right wingers. Dictionary definition includes a picture of Andrew

    and second i stand by my comment that giving you money is like giving money to BNP or Combat 18

    but I like the opportunity to show Andrew as a mental light weight with a Napoleonic complex

  4. Sean, bad sport. It is a funny and self-deprecating slogan.

  5. If we pay extra, would you bash Andrew over the head with one of these mugs?<g>

    It could make for an excellent vlog, which could also be shown on a pay-per-view basis, which would help the coffers even more.

    I’ll settle for a ten percent agent’s/promoters’s cut should you decide to go this route.

  6. Of couse we need two!

    I’ll get on that paypal thing right away – Gawd what a pain in the ass paypal is….Could take a few days.

    How does this money conversion thing work?

    The mugs came out looking great!

  7. Monica- when you come to pay it will allow you to choose the currency – so if David gives you a Sterling total, you pay in sterling and Paypal sorts out the currency exchange.

  8. Sean,

    You’re an intolerant fool with a serious charisma by-pass. I will leave your comment there for others to judge you, but your time on ATW is drawing to an end.

  9. Ah, the ever-present threat of censorship on ATW!

  10. JG,

    How many mugs for you?

  11. David’s site, David’s rules Julius – seems fair to me.

  12. I’ll pass on the mugs, David, but thanks.

    "David’s site, David’s rules Julius – seems fair to me" – MR

    Of course…
    However, there is a tendency for dissent to be met with derision and, yes, censorship. It’s not just ATW, a lot of sites do it. Nothing worse than a cozy consensus, MR.

  13. Julius – there’s dissent and there is flaming and pig-ignorance. People such as yourself and Chris who are posting to exchange views and argue a case are one thing, but too many seans destroy a site – look at Balrog – sorry Chris, but it’s not worth wading through all the crap from Tony/Tam, Parcifal etc to find the serious discussions.

  14. JG, I think David was insinuating that he might be a little less censorious if more people bought his mugs!

    David, believe me. I would love to contribute my mite to ATW (which certainly deserves support from the public) but haven’t the means, having been without a salary for the past three years or so (and never having had a credit card in my life). Instead, I propose to support you, as I have always done, by opposing all those right wing elements that want to take over ATW as a first step towards establishing a World Dictatorship.

  15. Mad

    The only difference between the posts at Balrog and here is that the uncensored attackers are nationalists as opposed to loyalists

    and Chris doesnt go back and revise other posters posts. He may delete them but he does’nt revise them like someone we know

  16. And I wouldnt be opposed to buying a mug or 2 except that could be construed as support for Andrew and I just cant twist my morrals around that

  17. I noticed the top mug, which is the one I like, is for right-handed people and I’m left-handed.

    It’s going to be an awkward decision.

  18. Put me up for one and get old Adrian to send his address in and I’ll get him one. I think I can write his off as a tax deduction to the Church. I’ll use the mail instead of the internet to transfer the filthy lucre.

    Cheers David, funny idea.

    And Sean you are a stain on North American good sportsmanship and proof that French Canadians aren’t the only rascals north of the border.

  19. LOL

    Mahons Anyday I can be called a Rascall by an american I know I am doing something right

  20. "Anyday I can be called a Rascall by an american I know I am doing something right"

    Dead right, Sean!

  21. Bernard,

    The images are of the same mug, front and back. If you’re left-handed, look on the mug as a challenge plus, it’s for a good cause!

  22. Such hostility towards Andrew, he must be doing something right. Well done Andrew!

  23. No hes a racist and like most people I deplore racists

  24. Sean,

    This thread is about mugs. Stick with it.

  25. Kudos to Mahons – what a nice idea! I take back some of the dreadful things I have said about you 😉

  26. ‘This thread is about mugs. Stick with it.’

    And Sean is one of the biggest mugs of all!

  27. and you are only an empty shell

  28. What’s this ‘sterling’ crap you’re talking about? USD, baby. U.S.D.!!


  29. But empty shells can be pretty and interesting. I doubt you’re the former and you are certainly not the latter.

  30. Mahons,
    Thanks. That’s extremely generous of you. I’ll owe you five pro-Bush-Iraq-Policy and five anti-Indian posts for that one!

    But honestly I’m waiting for when I get a chance to come to the UK (oops, I almost typed Ireland) and receive one from David’s own hands.

  31. An empty shell is just that – empty, like your head.

  32. Actually Monica – at the moment my American e bay purchases are wonderful as the pound is close to 2 USD!

  33. 32 comments and nearly a quarter of them dedicated to tiresome name-calling.

    Is this a "sorry, wrong number" ‘phone exchange!?

  34. Bernard,

    My sentiments too.

  35. I’m telling you, Mad – you guys have got it good now! lol. Although a relative just canceled her trip to the UK because the exchange rate sucks so bad for us.