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Shifting the Paradigm

By Patty On March 10th, 2011

In November, 2010, there were free, open and fair elections in Wisconsin. The Republicans now hold the majority in Wisconsin government. Scott Walker, Governor, did not hide his intentions when he campaigned, nor did the other Republican candidates.

Once elected, the Wisconsin Democrat minority – all 14 legislators – fled  literally across state lines. Meanwhile, Public Employee Unions started to rally en masse to flood the Capitol, scream and holler, and basically attempt to close down the Capitol.  They lost the election; they are sore losers.

Democrat protestors claim that their thuggish, mob behavior is “democracy.”  Democracy? This looks like anarchy to me. The Tea Party protests were never, ever like this. Republican law makers are receiving death threats, Michael Moore claims that this is “war,”  Jesse Jackson proclaims that he will “escalate the protests.” Some pro public employee union protestors have trapped Republican legislatures in their office, banging on the glass. Here’s some video.

If you have been following the raucous protests in Wisconsin, you might wonder why the Public Employee Unions and the Democrat Party are coming unglued over Wisconsin’s Governor Walker’s attempt to restructure union benefits and their right to “collective bargaining.” Afterall, Wisconsin is nearly bankrupt and can’t print money.  Governor Walker does not have much choice.

Here’s why the Unions and the Democrat Party are coming unglued: Wisconsin automatically deducts union dues from the public employees which are then given  to Union bosses. Union bosses use their members’ dues to donate to the Democrat Party. Nice racket – the Democrat Party – through public employee union dues – is propped up by tax revenues.

Hopefully, this untenable and unfair situation will soon come to an end. This is why they’re unglued. Their world really is falling apart.


One Response to “Shifting the Paradigm”

  1. I don’t buy Governor Walker’s position (though I agree that state and municipal unions have overbloated benefit systems). He’s also targeting unions while not being deficit-honest in other areas. But the tactics of the Wisconsin Democrats are appalling and juvenile.