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Here, Freddy, Freddy……

By Mike Cunningham On March 11th, 2011

So Fred Goodwin has obtained a super-injunction against, among other things, being described as a BANKER.

So we should now speculate what the newspaper has actually discovered about this multi-millionaire who got his wealth through a combination of  corporate greed, lax or non-existent regulation, financial shenanigans of the worst order, arrogance beyond belief, and a firm self-belief that he is above criticism!

Was he planning to spend more time in his garden?

Was he going back to the Drawing Board? Can it be asked if he is taking the Architecture lark seriously?

Is he planning to go shopping and swimming again?

Has Sir Fred been outed as a secret friend of Prince Andrew?

Is he hiding the fact that he has been outed as being not a BANKER, but instead a WANKER?

2 Responses to “Here, Freddy, Freddy……”

  1. On a completely unrelated note. A totally different guy has done the following.

    So there was this ****** bloke who worked closely with another ****** colleague, they apparently began an adulterous affair not long after the ****ing crisis of 2008. He went to Court to stop it getting out that he had been banging her. Because he is the most notorious ****** of his generation he also banned references to his profession lest he be identified.


    Like I said nothing whatsoever to do with Gordon McRuins favourite banker Sir Fred the Shred, who is as pure as the driven snow – or so I am led to understand.

    Anyone want to start a ‘we love Sir Fred’ appreciation page on Farcebook?

  2. Some judge in his little wig says its illegal to call a banker a banker?

    Is it still legal in England to call a judge a subhuman imbecile?