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And will you open ‘The Box’?

By Mike Cunningham On March 12th, 2011

What people do with their money is their own business. What some people do with the money given them, albeit just a bit second-hand, by the taxpayer, is our business!

Since the so-called sexual revolution, there has been a cascade of seedy and sometimes much-worse-than-seedy places of so-called entertainment upon the streets and pavements of our cities, from lap- and pole-dancing clubs, through the homosexual-meeting bars and ending up with meetings more remeniscent of Ancient Rome than modern London.

As I stated before, what people do with their money, and to a certain extent, their bodies and minds, is entirely up to them, but do the ATW readership believe that two spoilt Princesses should be spending time in this place, whilst dressed with the help of our cash, and is it wise for the Fourth-in-line to the Throne be seen within a hundred yards of this dung heap either?

3 Responses to “And will you open ‘The Box’?”

  1. I am no Royalist, believe me, but it all appears to be par for the course in this day and age!

    The royals are dysfunctional people, who sired dysfunctional offspring, who end up in dysfunctional positions, in a dysfunctional nightclub, full of dysfunctional people?

    What else did anyone expect !

    “Let them eat cake” .. precisely, when they start to eat the same cake as the rest of us, i will muster some respect for them.

    Oh, and as for Prince Charles, he should be in a padded cell, wearing a waistcoat, which does up at the back .. not only for his safety, but ours as well?

  2. I don’t think this post is specifically targeted at the Royals. More that the morals of those who can afford to throw their obscene amounts of money at such seedy entertainment.

    I’m not for banning very much, but judging by the description of what goes on there in today’s paper (Daily Mail I know) then a ban would be the appropriate action.

  3. “throw their obscene amounts of money”

    ‘Their money’ ?

    Shorely shum mishtake .. you mean ‘other peoples money’ .. shorely

    If not, where did they get all there money from?

    I know Princess Diana left the liitle waif and strays approx £21 million .. but, where excatly did she get it from?

    Us, is the answer, the royals, you have to hand it to them, they sponge, steal, beg and borrow of the ‘little people’ to buy stately homes, castles, great Halls and mansions, and then fill those abodes with masterpieces, fine furniture, and jewels .. and then proceed to charge the same proles and peasants, an ‘entry fee’ to visit those places and gaze upon those ‘State owned’ jingly jangly stuff, which they have paid for in the first place?

    It’s time to place ones head into ones hands and … weep!