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Just hand me the Lamp, Harry!

By Mike Cunningham On March 12th, 2011

Are you fed up with taking all sorts of assorted crap care of the F****ing European Union? Are your wallets slimmer care of that same f*****ing European Union? Do you read almost every day of slime who are allowed to remain in the United Kingdom because we are not allowed to deport the bastards, courtesy of the European Human Rights bullshit; and interpretation therof by our own useless judiciary?

Well, hope is at hand; at least because of one tiny but significant loophole in the monstrous pile of European Union regulations with which we are ruled.

I suggest that you all take up, as a hobby, or as a means of livelihood, motor car mechanical maintenance. No, I really mean that, because if you do, when you are equipping your garage or workshop to enjoy your tasks both successfully and safely, you should immediately invest in two or more Electrical Inspection Lights, complete of course with a suitable length of wander cable attached, so that you may crawl underneath or all round the vehicle you are working on. The importance of that particular purchase will become immediately apparent when I tell you that use of these lights is within the title or parameter of ‘Rough Service’; because by the very nature of the use to which those lights are given, they are built to take knocks and bumps without the possibility of the guards and handles breaking or being damaged.

But, I hear you call, what has this to do with the European Union? Well, folks, the ‘Rough Service’ designation also applies to the lamps which fit in the Inspection Lights. The ‘Energy-Saving’ flourescent lamps so beloved of the ‘Greenies’, the ‘Climate Warriors’ and the E.U. Parliament and Commission will not work in those conditions, so ‘Rough Service’ incandescent lamps should be fitted to all Inspection Lights in your workshop, so you might work safely; and because the lamps are ‘bayonet cap’, they will strangely enough fit all normal light fittings in your home.

So, Google in to find ‘100 Watt, B.C. Rough Service 240 V. Lamp bulbs’, and you too will be free, or at least a tiny bit more free, than you were before you read this little attempt at insurrection!

p.s. You don’t really have to buy the Inspection Lights as well as the Lamps!

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6 Responses to “Just hand me the Lamp, Harry!”

  1. Ah, we are back to some form of debate about the EUSSR regime again are we, my learned friends, i personaly, can only refer you back to … this.

    Read it and weep, and we wonder just why, and how, the EUSSR regime get away with this constant never ending stream of totalitarian draconian bullshit, which would make the former East German stasi, and even the most hardened communist blush with envy, why even Hitler and his brownshirted henchman would be absolutley green with envy ..


    At 2011.03.10 18:33, Phantom said:

    Are you or have you ever been a Communist?

    At 2011.03.11 06:52, Harri said:
    No, just lived under Soviet rule .. and now we have been forced into the EU , it appears i am doing so again,

    Phantom, why are you ? if you are a socialist, you are only a small step away from one ( a communist)


    The moral to this particular post!

    There are some whom wish to label some as ‘Communists’ (along with) racists, blah blah blah .. well, you are looking in the wrong places?

  2. ???

  3. The last time i was ‘fooled’ and ‘tricked’ into a ‘common market’ it might just be my age, and having a ‘senior moment’ but i do not recall any mention of being in a position of some faceless, pointless, useless, unelected foreign ‘member of a Soviet ruling elite’ ordering me (and mine) on just what ‘lightbulbs’ i can, or can not use?

    Some, ‘common market’ that has turned out to be?

    Just what else, the Soviet EU ‘leaders’ have planned for us, is not worth thinking about?

    WE … are the lost generation, we have stood by, and let them get away with it all.

    1914, 1940 .. so much for ‘learning lessons’ history has the nasty trait of repeating itself, when the few ‘mad power crazy hungry totalitarian lunatics’ get above their station, and attempt to control the many … there is only, ever, one outcome ..’ Blood and bullets’ unfortunatley, not there blood, just there ‘State funded bullets’?

  4. Mike , thanks for putting the shop link up , 6 X 100 watt bulbs now on their way.

  5. ???

    The same as ‘ No reply, is no form of an answer’

    What does, ??? mean exactly ? what, you don’t understand the question !

    Errr .. ???

  6. Follow the money, it’s always about the money, always is, and always will be, just who do you think controls all the worlds surplus supply of mercury! .. It would not be the Soviet EU .. would it !

    Despite a decline in global mercury consumption (global demand is less than half of 1980 levels), supply from competing sources and low prices, production of mercury from mining is still occurring in a number of countries. Spain, China, Kyrgyzstan and Algeria have dominated this activity in recent years, and several of the mines are state-owned. The table below gives information on recorded global primary production of mercury since 1981. There are also reports of small-scale, artisanal mining of mercury in China, Russia (Siberia), Outer Mongolia, Peru, and Mexico. It is likely that this production serves robust local demand for mercury, often for artisanal mining of gold – whether legal or illegal. Such mercury production would require both accessible mercury ores and low-cost labor in order for it to occur despite low-priced mercury available in the global commodity market.

    As for the Eco-Loons, i don’t hear them shouting too much about this .. do you?


    Now, just hand it ( your cash, and that of your grand-children) over, shut up, don’t argue, cease with all that ‘Flat earther’ rubbish, do as you are told, ‘You vill obey orderz’ and let that be the end of it?

    Let’s just hope that MEP’s ‘conflicts of interest’ and part time lobbying interests, don’t extend to nuclear waste, or we could all be ‘forced’ into purchasing ‘low energy’ light bulbs, which have ‘weapons grade depleted uranium in’ ?

    Buying ‘low energy’ lightbulbs, is one thing .. dispsosing of them .. is another?

    Follow the money?