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By David Vance On March 12th, 2011

The cynicism of the Liberal-Democrats writ large!

Nick Clegg has vowed not to let the “profit motive drive a coach and horses through the NHS” after Lib Dem members voted to reject government reforms. Delegates at the party’s spring conference backed a call to halt a “damaging and unjustified” shake-up of GP services in England. Mr Clegg vowed to look at the call “in detail” – but insisted he was not at odds with party members on the issue.

Clegg is dodging around the overt lunacy of his own useless Party. NO ONE is seeking to privatise the NHS but even if they were and that this would provide better service to patients, these leftists would still oppose it. It’s not the NHS that is their real target – but rather it is capitalism that they despise.  Clegg may show some sort of leadership but the rabble he leads will ensure he never goes anywhere worth following.


  1. Delegates at the party’s spring conference backed a call to halt a “damaging and unjustified” shake-up of GP services in England.

    Meaning, the LibDems prefer the central state to intervene between doctor and patient.

    Here’s an idea; how’s about patients and GPs sort their own stuff out?

  2. Pete

    I’m afraid that is extreme right wingism bordering on the fascist. The idea that someone might know better than the State….pul-lease!

  3. David –

    Yes, you’re right.

    Imagine, a doctor-patient relationship without the state health bureaucracy in charge. It’s the free market run wild!

  4. I hate to interrupt an echo-chamber, but here goes.

    The Lib-Dems are an an alliance of Gladstonians and Lloyd Georgeites. The Gladstonians believe in small government and low taxes and personal responsibility. The best recent exponent of this creed was Margaret Thatcher, but she got a bit carried away with helping the rich (poll tax anyone?) and the Tories were right to ditch her. Nick Clegg and David Laws (remember him?) are the current survivors of this old-liberal tradition, which is why they went into coalition with the Tories last year.

    The Lloyd George tradition is what was called “new liberalism” and is much closer to socilaism. It believes in “social justice” which in practice means higher taxes and more state intervention in the economy. Beveridge was a Lloyd George Liberal (as was Keynes) and his report in 1944 led to the creation of the welfare state as we now know it.

    This tension is at the heart of the Lib-Dems, but they are no different from the Tories or Labour in being a “broad church” of political views. I suspect that David Miliband and Ken Clarke would be closer in outlook than David Miliband and Dennis Skinner or Ken Clarke and David Davis.