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21 TODAY…..

By David Vance On March 13th, 2011

Big moment in the Vance household – my son is 21 years today.

Hard to imagine all that has taken place since he came into this world.

I will be off-line the rest of the day celebrating this big moment in his life.

5 Responses to “21 TODAY…..”

  1. A big day David. Our daughter is 24 and I remember the day she was born like it was a few months ago.

  2. DV –

    Happy Birthday to him. I hope he has less of a hangover in the morning than I had after my 21st.

  3. Best Wishes.

  4. Happy 21st to the young Mr. Vance

  5. Master Vance, congratulations young man .. now keep your eyes wide open, ‘it really is a jungle out there’?