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By ATWadmin On November 15th, 2006

From my eclectic collection – the song and images don’t connect but the images are pretty and I like the last verse for its melodrama…

4 Responses to “ATW MID WEEK JUKEBOX…”

  1. Always found that song very depressing, but admirable in a strange sort of way. A bit like Gordon Brown.

  2. I agree. I like the cloying hesitancy in his voice.

    I often wondered what he meant by "And I’m being good" in the refrain!

    David, if you really want to jerk our tears get "Emma" (Emmaline?) by Hot Chocolate. ‘tho maybe a bit too depressing for the soft-hearted.

  3. Cunningham,

    Ever heard Gloomy Sunday by EC? It’s mega-dark?

  4. Yeah Cunningham, ‘Emma’ was one of the first songs I ever heard on the radio when I was a kid, and Errol Brown’s voice was just heart-rending.
    The Sisters Of Mercy did a cover version of it in the 80s and even they couldn’t make it sound as emotive.