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When Things Are Rotten

By Mahons On March 17th, 2011

Japan’s horror and turmoil is numbing. It is unreal. Libya’s madman retaking his country is depressing. The economy is scary. Haii has no chance of recovery. The Saudis have entered Bahrain. Iraq and Afghanistan aren’t stable. And Reality Television shows no decline. What does one do in these hard times? Laugh? Cry? Pray? Drink? Curse? I am accepting any ideas.

8 Responses to “When Things Are Rotten”

  1. >>What does one do in these hard times?<<

    Find reassurance in humanity in the stoicism and discipline of the Japanese and in the courage and determination of the Libyans and Bahrainis.

  2. Not bad ideas.

  3. “Laugh? Cry? Pray? Drink? Curse?”

    Today being the 17th of March I plan to do all five and then some.

  4. Paul – LOL may be overused, but not in this case. Nice one.

  5. “What does one do in these hard times?”

    Man up Tinkerbell!!!

  6. Stop reading the news.

  7. Yes.

  8. I find that on these occasions a large glass of champagne really helps me to forget ” suffering humanity ” .