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and they say it is ‘disgraceful’

By Mike Cunningham On March 17th, 2011

GENE Hackman is to reprise his role as a tough FBI man in the upcoming racist drama Midsomer Burning.
‘We’re protesting against that ghastly windfarm’
The film will focus on a series of gentle, racially motivated murders in the sleepy home counties villages of Midsomer Magna, Ferne Basset and Great Pelfe.
Inspector Tom Barnaby is called out of retirement when a young black man is found clubbed to death with the Midsomer dominoes trophy.
As suspicion immediately falls on everyone in the film the murderer strikes again as 12 young black men are found hanging from the oldest oak tree in the county with swastikas daubed across their chests.
Barnaby pays a social visit to the secretary of the Midsomer Anglo-Saxon White Power Club before concluding the murders must be the result of a feud between rival bird watchers over the best patch for tagging chiffchaffs.
But the veteran detective’s old-fashioned methods are called into question when Hackman’s character arrives and starts threatening to cut everybody’s balls off with a rusty knife.
In a key scene Hackman raids the Ferne Basset Flower Show committee meeting, turning over tables and smashing teapots with a baseball bat before grabbing the chairwoman by the lapels, pinning her against the wall and calling her a ‘redneck motherfucker’.
Producer Tom Logan said: “Like many people I spent many Sunday evenings watching Midsomer before I suddenly realised it was incredibly racist.
“But then I kept watching it anyway because it’s like crack.”
He added: “This film is about scratching half a millimetre beneath the genteel, civilised surface of a typical home counties village to find that every single one of them makes Norman Tebbit look like Peter Tatchell.
Equally strange that no-one has thought to complain about the lack of White faces in ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’, or would that be a non-sequitur?

2 Responses to “and they say it is ‘disgraceful’”

  1. But this is why we must rewrite our history!
    Don’t you see that every English person over a certain age -perhaps 50, needs to be brainwashed into the New Reality.
    This will enable them to forget we were ever a consensual white society with a thousand years of progressive history and development behind us..
    Forget the British Empire and two World Wars; emphasise only the joys of multiculturalism …. the BBC will gladly assist.

    Why do you think shows like Dead Enders and Corrie are encouraged?
    Because they push the official line that Britain is a multiculti Paradise, where only sordid, depressing and ultimately meaningless personal relationships count for anyfink, innit?
    Nuffink else is allowed to intrude…
    And a white English culture never existed…..

  2. Agit – which party did you vote for in the previous election?