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By ATWadmin On November 15th, 2006

Yes, I know I have put this up before but it IS my favourite song and this performance just OOZES attitude and I love it. We were all younger back then… !

16 Responses to “ATW MIDWEEK JUKEBOX 2”

  1. Great Song. Is it Friday already?

  2. Mahons,

    In my mind! Some songs totally inspire me and this one is at the top of the list. Can you imagine "White Nigger" being used nowadays…

  3. An absolutely brilliant song, and a great video,

    This number was inspired by the Trobles in NI, I’m told.

  4. David: He’d be run out of town on a rail even though his context was not biased. He did a famous appearance on Saturday Night Live in which he broke up the song the band was playing and then played PL & U. Years later on the anniversary special he jumped in and did the same thing with the Beastie Boys. Great moments. Nick Hornby wrote a book on his fav song (his choice Thunder Road ) commenting that it inspires him every time (and that he’s heard it thousands of times). The best songs are among life’s great pleasures.

  5. Good but not as good as this


    I actually had two goinf at the same time with a bit of a time delay and it worked very well, like he was soning with himself!

  6. Aileen,

    Good call. Roses has more poignancy and I love it but Oliver’s Army is storming – full of in your face attitude – and I loved it from the second I heard it 27 years ago.

  7. David

    There tend to be two types of songs I like, those I like to listen to and those I like to dance to, I can’t bear to sit and listen to the upbeat ones. I need to be on my feet. So at the moment Roses is more practical.

  8. It’s a perfect piece of pop! I do like the musical drama in Elvis’s songs. "Pills and Soap" and "I Want You" also come to mind.

  9. I want you is a great psycho one, Tom!

    Aileen – know what you mean. Alison is another belter, must put it up soon.

  10. Superb track David. I rushed out and bought this when I was at school in 79 (those were the days when record shops existed).
    I was never quite able to figure out what it was about, but it sounded vaguely subversive so it was OK with me.

  11. Yes, H.A, I’m glad someone else said that before I did – call me ignorant but (just like with "Pills and Soap"), I’ve never actually understood what the song Oliver’s Army is all about, except that he’s obviously annoyed about something or other. I suppose I ought to go and Wiki "Oliver’s Army" and I’d probably educate myself in 5 minutes and understand all the references, but I can’t be bothered.

  12. Isn’t it a "searing indictment" (yawn) against the British Army. The Oliver in question being Cromwell. I don’t think it’s especially kind about the class of soldiery either. A bit too John Kerryish for my liking. Still a great record though.

  13. At the King Arthur disco my mates and I loved to boogie to Olives Army.

    Try the link not a lot of people know this?


  14. Rangers 1640,

    I knew all of those interesting facts! But after almost 30 years of being a major fan of his lyrics and music, I should do!

  15. I think that the Alliance Party (Oliver Napier, who was probably one of the best of them), used it as an election anthem.

  16. He did indeed Aileen – I remember hearing it!!!!