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By David Vance On March 18th, 2011

Not surprising that the nexus of evil seeks to surprise internet freedom;

Internet freedom activists believe the regime in Tehran has implemented highly sophisticated internet surveillance technology and that an information “arms race” is now inevitable.

The crackdown targeted Tor, a free piece of software that allows anyone to connect to internet via a global private network that hides computer IP addresses, which could be used by authorities to identify and locate dissidents. It also encrypts the contents of users’ internet communications, making eavesdropping on emails, Facebook, Twitter and other applications more difficult.

On average, around 250,000 computers worldwide are connected to the Tor network at any time, making it the leading anti-surveillance technology online. But in mid-January, as revolutionary fervour swept the Middle East, the number of computers connected to the Tor network via one major Iranian broadband provider collapsed almost overnight from more than 11,000 to zero.

Iran is a thoroughly modern despotism and yet it is allowed to fester and to plan the next Holocaust.

4 Responses to “IRAN CRACKS DOWN”

  1. a thoroughly modern despotism

    Excellent description, but it should include the word theocratic. It is a country run by bearded old men who enforce the diktats of a sky-god who is said to have existed about 1,300 years ago.

    The regime employs all the tools of despotism: house-arrest, disappearance, police brutality, torture, rape and murder. No fate is too bad for these people and the armed goons who keep them in power. Let’s hope it happens soon.

  2. Never fear. I’m sure the UN will be declaring a ‘no fly zone’ soon. You know to protect civilians and all that.
    The French are chomping at the bit to get cracking i would presume?

  3. JM

    Iran is not remotely comparable to Libya in terms of geography, population, wealth, armaments, race, religion and nuclear potential.

    But apart from that, your coment is spot-on.

  4. I know Peter but i’ve just about had enough of listening to the utter c*ap being spouted by Cameron et al on telly tonight.