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Talking Point – 17.04.07

By ATWadmin On April 17th, 2007

‘Only the BBC could skewer the tragedy in Virginia and create a platform for debate riddled with anti-American comment.  Furthermore, it is the only broadcaster who could find an American commentator who could somehow link the tragedy to the Left’s perceived inadequacies of President Bush’s administration.’  Discuss.

12 Responses to “Talking Point – 17.04.07”

  1. Sky on the other hand had an American anti gun commentator on this morning who laid the blame for this tragedy squarely on the British. Apparently it is our fault the Americans have guns and cannot update their constitution which has led to these tragedies. And no – he wasnt kidding. He actually said verbatim ‘This is all your fault – the British’…relating it back to the reason it was enshrined in the constitution.

    Seems its always going to be anyones fault but the lunatic who loaded up on testosterone and ammo and took out 32 innocent kids because he was mad at his girlfriend.

  2. And that, Alison, is precisely the point. It was one deranged madman. End of.

  3. Andrew McCann

    Charlie Wolf’s presence was the only thing that kept me listening from 9am-10am. It was interesting to hear too the intolerance and hatred of the Left, and those influenced by the MSM, via the text messages and emails. If those views were expressed about any other nation the BBC would bin them. But when it comes to the US, you can be so idiotic as to state that there isn’t a brain cell in the country, and the BBC will broadcast it.

  4. That’s incredible, Alison. Was he really being serious?
    A link?

  5. Ironically, regarding "gun control" : Virginia Tech is a "gun free zone" – no guns allowed. I argue against the prohibition of guns on the merits of self-defense. Maybe if one of the teachers in the building had a gun handy somewhere this maniac could have been stopped. Or maybe just the knowledge that a teacher COULD have a gun, would have prevented this mayhem. Maybe not. very disturbing, evil and sad this whole thing.

    From http://www.dailypundit.com:

    "Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
    Policy 5616
    Revision: 1
    August 23, 2005
    Campus and Workplace Violence Prevention Policy

    2.2 Prohibition of Weapons
    The university’s employees, students, and volunteers, or any visitor or other third party attending a sporting,entertainment, or educational event, or visiting an academic or administrative office building or residence hall, are further prohibited from carrying, maintaining, or storing a firearm or weapon on any university facility, even if the owner has a valid permit, when it is not required by the individual’s job, or in accordance with the relevant University Student Life Policies…."

  6. Couldn’t the school have employed armed security personnel when it banned its teachers from carrying guns to the classroom?

  7. Better link:


  8. Adrian: Of course. But this is a school, not a prison, and I understand it’s around 40,000 people – the size of a small city. Who could have guessed that a student would wake up one day and do this?

  9. Alison –

    If someone wants to blame Britain for the Second Amendment then we’ll proudly take the honour. It is based on the English Bill of Rights afterall. It seems little known now that until 1920 Britons were probably the most heavily armed people on earth, with gun control laws that Charlton Heston could only dream of.

    Of course, gun crime was little known then as well, but government was small, family and church were the bedrocks of society and the welfare state and trash culture were a long way off.

  10. From what I have read, the killer was a South Korean Student – not an American, so why the Anti-Americanism? And why are we to blame for the wording and meaning of the American Constitution? The Founding Fathers were not fools.

  11. It seems there may have been a tragic miscalculation by the authorities in not sufficiently closing down the school after the first incident in the morning. More investigation is necessary, and the authorities can’t plan for all contingencies.

    As for some nut arguing it was Britain’s fault please ignore him.

  12. Patty,
    So perhaps a proportionate number of armed security personnel could have been employed?

    The main point of having security personnel is that we don’t in fact know when incidents like this might take place.

    If there was adequate video surveillance for instance he might have been spotted bringing a gun onto the premises. Don’t you think it would have been worth the trouble?