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By ATWadmin On April 17th, 2007

Well then, who would now BET that UK interest rates are not set for yet another hike, on the heels of the news that the Consumer Prices Index registered inflation now sitting at 3.1%?  This is an 11 year high, and the Retail Prices Index which is a broader (And better) measure of inflation in the economy, has shot up to 4.8%, the highest since 1991.

What many analysts miss however, is a central driver of all this inflation. I’m talking about – The Government! Gordon Brown may like to pretend otherwise, but it is a result of his own wretched economic policies, his incessant stealth tax hikes, that is driving inflation up. When it comes to the Retail Price Index, that is the one that gives the game away because it is the one which more broadly captures the results of Brown’s messing about. The UK economy has become slowly strangulated over the past ten years with the sclerotic consequences of Prudence Brown’s interference, and he is desperate to get out of the Exchequer and into Number 10 before even more of the "Brown" stuff hits the fan!

3 Responses to “GORDON, CAN YOU SPARE A DIME?”

  1. Obviously NuLabur needs at least one more term in office to sort out the inheritance of all those years of Tory misrule David 😉

  2. Blair loathes Brown in spite of his protestations to the contrary, and has been hanging on in the anticipation that the chalice will be well and truly poisoned on his accession to number 10.

  3. Yes. Did you catch Charles Moore’s article in the Spectator on the number of government regulations determining an employment contract?

    Note the date of introduction of these laws.