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By ATWadmin On April 17th, 2007

LOL – I did laugh when I read Ulster Unionist Leader Sir Reg Empey describe David Trimble’s switch to the Conservative Party as "a smart move"!  The UUP are now so reduced in stature, so humiliated in substance,  that they actuially hail the defection of their former leader to a different party as a minor victory. If it is right for Trimble to leave the Ulster Unionists and join up with the limp-as-wet-lettuce Cameronians, why shouldn’t every other Ulster Unionist now switch camps and also become Conservatives? Why be a Unionist if the Conservatives have the better policies? The Ulster Unionists are directionless, clueless and bound for political extinction. They won’t be missed.

6 Responses to ““A SMART MOVE””

  1. Could David Trimble be sniffing failure in the DUP / IRA/Sinn Fein alliance? The Cadogan Group, Trimbles old buddies, always maintained the ‘sectarian parties’ weren’t the answer to N.Ireland’s situation.

  2. I have long held the view that UUP should merge with the Conservative (and Unionist) party and play a role in the running of the UK as a whole rather than thrashing around ineffectually in the parochial backwaters.

    There are Scots and Welsh people at the top of the national political pile, but all NI can offer is Ruth Kelly, Lempit Opkit and Kate Hoey (though in fairness Kate Hoey seems quite sound despite being a Labour type)

  3. I wouldn’t mind the UK’s big parties becoming more involved in N.Ireland either, but a part of me thinks they are waiting for devolution to fail then they and the likes of Fine Gael can make a joint effort in the take-over and renew East-West relations.

  4. NRG,

    I agree. The rush for devolution will kill the Union.

  5. Let’s hope! 🙂

  6. Why was the link between the Tories and the UUP broke?
    Ted Heath did not offer the UUP after the Feb 1974 the Tory whip. The UUP had dared to complain about Heath getting rid of Stormont, they also opposed Sunningdale and its Council of Ireland. In other words the UUP were putting Ulster before Heath and any sell-out Tory policy. If Trimble wishes to be a proper Tory, he will have to put his party before his country!