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By ATWadmin On April 17th, 2007

The BBC reporter Alan Johnston worked in Gaza. He was kidnapped by one or other group of Palestinians. His execution, real or not, has been announced by a Palestinian terror group. All efforts to release him have involved several mercy pleas to Palestinians.

So, can you guess who this former BBC and ITN correspondent suspects? Yip – Israel.

You couldn’t make it up!


  1. oi!

    find your own bloody catchphrase!

  2. Hey Richard,

    It’s what comes of reading The Mail!!

  3. I swear there are people in the BBC who sincerely wish that Hitler had "finished the job".

  4. As long as the Arabs have the oil and they want our arms, Al-BBC, the F.O. and others will always kow-tow to them.
    Sometimes I believe if Israel didn’t exist and there were no Jews left on Earth,we’d still get the blame for everything.

    (Hart comes across as a rabid anti-semite,just like David Irving)

  5. >>Hart comes across as a rabid anti-semite<<

    Where, Jeremy?

  6. Which Littlejohn is that David? The columnist or someone else? He’s the only one who ever bothered to reply to any of my emails, lol.

  7. I wonder how David could check if it’s the real Littlejohn or just someone using his name ?

  8. "rabid anti-Semite" is a bit rich!

    Obliquely trying other possibilities seems reasonable to me.
    Most other avenues have closed off.

  9. He’s a rabid egomaniac – apparently he was solving the Middle East issue singlehandedly at one point if you read the hilarious blurb on the right of the article!

    "In the course of this mission AH learned two things. The first was the truth about the miracle of Arafat’s leadership – his success in persuading his side (most of it) to be ready for unthinkable compromise with Israel for peace. (Which was why Alan wrote his first book). The second was why it is difficult to impossible for any Israeli prime minister, even a rational, well-motivated one, to make peace on any terms the Palestinians can accept."

    Nooooo, no bias there at all! Arafat ‘ready for peace’ – ROFLMAO!! The second bit was probably true enough though – even a ‘rational, well-motivated’ Israeli leader wouldnt get the Jews to put *themselves* up against the wall…

    Oh, and Cunningham, quite apart from the disgusting general premise that Israel would have murdered a journalist to make the Palis look bad, try this:

    "Carter was in despair and said, in private, that events had once again proved that it was impossible to advance the peace process by institutional diplomacy (because of the pork-barrel nature of American politics and the Zionist lobby’s awesome influence)"

    Those Jews and their money, they control the wurrrrrld, baby! If stating that the US Government of the Day couldnt follow policy because of Jewish monetary influence isnt an anti-semitic pronouncement I dont know what is.

  10. DSD, if you think Israel is above the kind of murky dealings you mention and that the "Zionist lobby" (stupid phrase, I admit) consists only of financiers or even Jews, you know less about world politics than I credited you with.

  11. Cunningham, I beleive they are. They are a democracy with free press, and things like that will be exposed. Are they (Israel) saints? No. But what government can claim this title? Is your government "above" the murki dealins? I doubt it.

    Right now, 2 Israeli soldiers are being held hostage by Palestinians. I’ve never heard of Israel using hostages to negotiate or achieve their goals. Why would they need this now? Al-BBC is clearly anti-Semitic and anti-Israel, but Israel does not fight press, they have their hands full with terrorists.

    And Alan Hart is just an old stupid spent anti-semite. He has no proof of his theory, no leads, no sources – he just speculates. What an idiot.