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Elect Commie, Get Commie

By ATWadmin On April 17th, 2007

So Americans made their choice and put the commies in charge of Congress. Not content with aiding and abetting America’s enemies in the Middle East, they’ve been busy at home too. On its way through Congress is the Pussification of America Bill a Bill to establish a Department of Peace and Nonviolence, at cabinet level, in the executive branch of the Federal Government. If enacted, this Bill will create, at the heart of government, a vast machine of endless cultural Marxism.

The position of Secretary will have responsibilities ranging from developing policies that address violence against animals, develop international ‘sister city’ programs (good grief) and promoting tolerance to developing and promoting a ‘peace education curriculum’. Nope, they never can stop kiddie fiddling. Unsurprisingly, ‘The Secretary’ will be charged with disarming the American people. Truly, the heart sinks. This is a Bill which promotes a thousand lunacies, each aimed at undermining America, its spirit and culture, all paid for by the American taxpayer.

Americans will very soon discover that when you elect commie you get commie – good and hard.

The mystery of government is not how Washington works but how to make it stop – PJ O’Rourke

29 Responses to “Elect Commie, Get Commie”

  1. Pete – Kucinich’s nutty Bill was originally floated by him in 2001, and subsequently thereafter, including 2005, times when the Republicans were in power. It has as much chance of becoming law as you have of registering an IQ above your shoe size.

  2. Thank you, Mahons, I’m aware of that. But reintroducing a Bill doesn’t make it less of a suicide script and Congress is under new ownership nowadays.

  3. "Thank you, Mahons,I’m aware of that"

    Pete – Does that mean you agree with mahons last sentence ? 😉

  4. Pete: I just wish you could understand that we have a two party system (unlike the communists) and that while you may not agree with the positions of one party, the other is not vile.

  5. Colm: not necessarily agreement with the last sentence, but proof?

  6. Mahons –

    You have a multi-party system, unless I missed a big announcement today. Whilst I don’t agree with either, one is, indeed, vile.

  7. Pete: I suspect you’ve missed a few announcements.

  8. Or he’s simply too good to sink to your puerile level.

  9. Pete

    Your post is as usual over the top. Your equation Democrats = "commies" is as meaningful as Republicans = "racists".

    Why not try posting from a less provocative position and give us an interesting debate instead of this straw-man stuff?

  10. Peter –

    Why not read the Bill and see if it’s culturally Marxist?

    You need not have stood at Red Square on May Day to be a spiritual commie and today’s Democratic Party is not the same as that led by Trueman, JFK and Lyndon B Johnson.

    Post-war western communism is more a cultural force than political and economic. One half of the American political establishment and all of Britain’s has succumed to it. It is anti-Christian, anti-family and anti-morality.

    Sod it – discuss.

  11. Pussification of America Bill – you should’ve made that your Header. That’s exactly what the democrats would like to finish doing to the red half of the country. All hard core liberals are communists, and many democrats in the House are hard core liberals ergo, commie democrats.

  12. Daphne,

    I love Texan straight talking, it’s just such a joy to listen to over here in Euroweenie gutless land.

  13. "Why not try posting from a less provocative position…?"

    A sure-fire recipe towards making ATW very dull!

  14. >>I love Texan straight talking,<<

    Basically what you’re saying, David, is that you love someone who turns stupidity into a virtue.

  15. I wish someone would tell Pete that communism is, er, dead in the West, mad bad Cuba excepted of course. It’s 2007, not 1957 for chrissake.

    What does he fear, a Red under every bed? OK, let me go and check. Here I am with my flashlight. Let’s see now. Hmm, there’s an empty vodka bottle under here, and a half-read copy of War and Peace. Do they count?

  16. Basically, I am saying I love plain speaking, Cunningham, as opposed to incoherent cloy risible liberal clap-trap. Got it? I’m sure my Texan friends can stand up for themselves, I’m just pleased to know them.

  17. "Basically, I am saying I love plain speaking, Cunningham, as opposed to incoherent cloy risible liberal clap-trap."

    Well, that’s plain speaking! :0)

  18. What the Right would like to do is set up concentration camps for the rest of us, they will probably do so if conservatives ever get into power again. All real right-wing conservatives are fascists, and many Republicans in the US and Tories in the UK are real right-wing conservatives ergo, fascists.

    Now, David, do you prefer that?
    I picked that up in Austin.

  19. Uber-Liberals are thuggish in nature. Which explains why they call names and find communist philosophy so attractive.

  20. Straight-talking Daphne posted:

    "All hard core liberals are communists, and many democrats in the House are hard core liberals ergo, commie democrats."

    All hard core conservatives are racists (the Ku Klux Klan are a pretty conservative bunch) and many republicans are hard core conservatives, ergo racist republicans. Trent Lott had to resign as senate majority leader after, ahem, a little racist slip a couple of years ago. I’d say he spoke for many in his party and no doubt he’ll be defended by some on ATW. By Daphne’s logic, I figure the defenders of Lott would have to be racists too.

    Sauce for the goose…

  21. <Q>the Ku Klux Klan are a pretty conservative bunch</Q>

    There are some here who would disagree with you Peter – in their eyes the Klan are pinkos !

  22. lol its amazing how strange the right wingers can be imagine trying to project peace and non-violence as evil out workings of the evil empire. well if peace and non-violence are communist ideals call me comrade and pass the Vodka

  23. Trent Lott got tarred as racist over one remark, not because of any action. Sen. Byrd was actually in the Klan, is a Dem and still serves. The KKK are pinkos – perfect Mad – They were actually associated with the southeren democrats at the time of all their horrific mayhem. They actually originated in Indiana, a northern state. Nowadays, Kluckers don’t associate with any political party. They hang out with the neo nazi skinheads, who worship Hitler and Stalin. Another small point, the Republican Party fought for and ended slavery in this country, not too racist.

    The peace and non-violence group pushing this BS legislation want to disarm the populace for their own protection. What they want to shove down our throats is a socialist state where the people are helpless and completely dependent on the State. You might want to remember how your revered communist leaders marched millions of unarmed citizens to their deaths to achieve the "peace" (read control) they desired.

    Drink some more vodka comrade.

  24. Yeah Daphne, I figured you’d defend the racist Lott. So did his party, beacuse they elected him minority whip in the senate a few months ago. As for the southern democrats, their voters switched to the republicans after Lyndon Johnston abolished segregation, so go figure.

    If the Klan are pinkos, presumably all their anti-commie rhetoric is just lies – secretly they are planning to abolish private property? LOL!

  25. Daphne posted: "Trent Lott got tarred as racist over one remark, not because of any action."

    Total crap. Lott had plenty of racist form long before that:

    "Lott had attracted controversy before in issues relating to civil rights. As a Congressman, he voted against renewal of the Voting Rights Act, voted against the continuation of the Civil Rights Act and opposed the Martin Luther King Holiday. Lott also maintained an affiliation with the Council of Conservative Citizens, which is described as a hate group by the Anti-Defamation League and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. According to his uncle, former state Senator Arnie Watson, "Trent is an honorary member" of the CCC, a group the Southern Poverty Law Center calls "the incarnation of the infamous white Citizens Councils," the white supremacist groups that attempted to resist desegregation. [1]"


  26. Peter –

    You ought to stop listening to your teachers and their one-dimensional off the shelf lectures. It won’t get you anywhere. As Daphne says, the Klan’s ties to southern Democrats were intimate.

  27. Pete Moore

    Were. How many Klan vote Democrat now would you say? (Clue to answer: a very small number less than one).

  28. Dawkins,

    "I wish someone would tell Pete that communism is, er, dead in the West,"

    I despair of you – do you even know what communism is?

    Just because the Guardian and the BBC say communism is dead, just doesn’t make it so.

    Much in the same way that passing anti-racial legislation, doesn’t abolish anti-racial thought and behaviour.

    Bad ideas take generations to die, – as do good ones…

  29. Pistol Pete Moore: There is valid criticism of extremism on the left, Kucinich and his ilk. Then there is your silly attacks on all non-conservatives. You undermine actual anti-communism with your nonsense.