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Lyrical Hypocrisy

By ATWadmin On November 16th, 2006

There’s no doubt about it, UB40 are a good band.  These lads from Birmingham were one of the principal musical groups of the 1980s.  I have their greatest hits in my collection.  When I played the CD late last night something occurred to me: how come there is no comparable ditty about the state of Britain today?

I have to ask because UB40s hit, ‘I Am the One in Ten’ was a critique of UK unemployment in the early 1980s.  Out of a working adult population of around 30 million, unemployment was 1/10 of that total – thus creating the background to the song.  A number of bands of the decade wrote not-so-subtle indictments of the Conservative government’s handling of joblessness at the time.  Wet Wet Wet’s ‘Wishing I Was Lucky’ is another example; in the USA the Bon Jovi classic, ‘Living On A Prayer’ was an American equivalent.

Figures published yesterday showed British unemployment levels have risen 27,000 to 1.7 million.  In addition, there are far more people in other categories of economic inactivity than there was when Margaret Thatcher was in power.  Over 2 million more claim Incapacity Benefit (often when they are perfectly capable of working).  Even excluding the other sectors of inactivity it still comes to a total of nearly 4 million.  Any chance of Marti Pellow or Ali Campbell belting out an indicting tune on those figures?  Or how about a release of ‘Sing Our Own Song’ in support of white farmers in Zimbabwe who were, and are, brutally suppressed by Mugabe’s regime?  Thought not.  Enjoy the above songs by all means, but ignore the loaded Left wing and selective agenda that lies behind them.


One Response to “Lyrical Hypocrisy”

  1. Some new and creative thinking Andrew. Well done. A fine piece, good insight and very well put.