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By ATWadmin On November 16th, 2006

Interesting to read that Bank of England Governor Mervyn King has once again launched another attack on the Government’s failure to track massive levels of migration from eastern Europe.

He hit out after it was revealed official estimates of the number of migrants living here are based on surveys of only a tiny number of those flooding through the country’s airports. Mr King, who uncovered the figures, said monitoring concentrates almost exclusively on Gatwick, Manchester and Heathrow airports – with only 79 interviews taking place outside these in the whole of last year. This is despite the fact the vast majority of Poles and other eastern Europeans arrive on budget airline flights which arrive at smaller regional airports where few checks take place. It could mean there are hundreds of thousands of eastern Europeans living here who do not appear on official records.


If you check out the link, you will see that the methodology being used by Government looks as if it were designed to massively underestimate the number of Eastern Europeans coming into this country. The Government’s "official" figure puts at 600,000 new arrivals since the controversial expansion of the EU on May 1, 2004. I don’t believe this figure. I strikes me that the actual number must be considerably greater than this, and Government is playing statistical games to make it appear otherwise.

It’s not the Eastern Europeans I blame, it’s our own elected Government which has lost all control over immigration and which has already presided over population change on a historically unprecedented scale with nary a care for the consequences. There may well be lies, damned lies and statistics.

Then there are ruthless Governments which use all three!


  1. Well David, for the UK to match the ROI’s rate of eastern european immigration per head of population, they would have to take in about 6 million poles! lol

  2. Luke,

    That’s true – I am very concerned for future Irish stability as a result of this HUGE immigration that Ahern and co have presided over. Dublin is more and more like Little Poland, but I don’t know if anyone else shares my concern here.