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By ATWadmin On April 20th, 2007

You see some of us right-of-liberal types attracted some criticism when we described the Democrat Party as "the Defeaticrats" or even "Dhimmicrats" and as ever, time tells the tale.  Did we call it wrong, had we misjudged Pelosi and her pals or were we spot on the money?

Mmm, let’s see. Senate Majority Leader Democrat Harry Reid says that the war in Iraq is "lost," and CANNOT be won through military force. Harry reckons we cannot beat the Jihadi and that getting out of Iraq is the best route forward. Summary; Vote Democrat, Get Surrender. Well done Harry, I’m sure you’ve given that little extra motivation to the Iranian backed Islamic killers to slaughter more of our soldiers.  


  1. Reid was right in his assessment and wrong in his delivery.

  2. So Mahons, he is right in saying the war is "lost"?
    He just didn’t say it correctly?

  3. The best observation was made by Rep. David Obey who said the U.S. had won the war decisively, but it was now a civil war, and they could only stand and watch, in effect.
    He could have added that the same happened in Vietnam when they left that war; Laos/Cambodia imploded into the internecine ‘killing fields’, and Pol Pot.

  4. America is dooooooomed 😉

  5. Charles: I think Bernard got my reply out before I did. Conventional forces – no contest. Saddam is removed and his army defeated. But we never indicated that alone was an acceptable "victory". We hit a beehive with a baseball bat and we’ve got a civil war on our hands and a surge in troops but not competence of the Administration.

    Reid is a phony of the lowest order. His assessment that we are in deep do do is correct, but the manner in which he delivered it was, to my mind, a scandal that deserves condemnation.

  6. The assertion that a war cannot be won by military force strikes me as an oxymoron. I thought that was supposed to be the whole idea.

  7. Tom: Military Intelligence is often an oxymoron. However, mere military force is not always enough.

  8. Alison:

    Why is your comment so incredibly shooooort?

  9. America has lost the peace and the only way to win it now is with 500,000 to 750,000 soldiers and starting in one corner and sweeping through every inch destroying all the weapons and securing the borders completely. And there is not a single American leader that would even propose that arrangement because he would be left to kick horse apples down the road

  10. To help you Bernard. I know you struggle.

  11. The war has not been lost – it has only begun. There is no ‘civil war’ in Iraq, there are thousands of foreign terrorists being imported with the intent of terrorizing the Iraqi and destroying our will at home to continue the fight. The democrat party is complying with the terrorists without even batting an eyelid. As you can see on these comments, there are American citizens who follow the losers happily and blindly.

  12. Monica – tell Troll im a patriot – thats all. Dont want to fall out. This isnt representative anymore than Labour is or the 7 in Iran. Isnt democracy marvellous.

    Chatting this thru with people over drinks today i was really heartened to hear that a good half thought that felt freedom after Saddam is going to take TIME. An important factor. Imagine being under his swivel eyed regime.

  13. Monica your point of view is just delusional

    the only question is are you being willfully delusional? or are do you really believe your delusions?