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By ATWadmin On April 24th, 2007

At the end of a long day, if you need a good laugh, it’s always worthwhile reading the left wing press.

And here in the UK, the Guardian is always a wise choice for humorous entertainment. Then, when you add in lefty writer Naomi Wolf, you have a recipe for laughs all round. Naomi lives up to form and produces an article  called "Fascist America, in 10 Easy Steps."

Yip, Naomi reckons the USA is turning into a fascist tyranny under Bushitler! She reveals that….cough splutter…mighty Spain has adopted the right approach in dealing with Islamic terrorism, whereas that pesky Bush has only went and used 9/11 to create an artificial war and the basis for a fascist state. Added to this has been the creation of a gulag (Guantanamo Bay- the only gulag in history where the interned put on weight and had to go on Atkins), merciless control of the Media (Yip – CNN, ABC, NYT et al are so pro the  Bush administration!) and all political dissent is crushed. Hello fascist America, warns Naomi.

I think Naomi probably needs to have a lie down in a dark room so that fevered imagination can calm down, don’t you?

14 Responses to “WOLF WHISTLING!”

  1. merciless control of the Media (Yip – CNN, ABC, NYT et al are so pro the Bush administration!) and all political dissent is crushed

    The americans are so self policing that they do in fact control the media. Think of what is written about shrubbie outside of america and then realize you will never see anything even close to the criticisms of bush on the above mentioned networks. the most you will see from them is some questioning of his tactics or goals with out any real criticism of what he does. It was the supposed MSM who when they did even dare to question bush were branded traitors for disagreeing with the topiarry treasure

  2. In fairness, she’s not a bad looking chick.

  3. That was really unhinged. I could barely wade through it. Is she British? Not that it really matters.

    I’ve been thinking about this Bush=Hitler meme, and why it resonates with so many on the left. On the one hand, the left doesn’t take Hitler’s past evil deeds very seriously. I regret this constant evocation of "Hitler" because it devalues the seriousness and wretchedness of Hitler’s crimes against humanity.

    And also, railing against Bush and America is easy, risk free and obviously satisfying. Like bashing Christianity, or rebelling against your parents.

    Recognizing and worrying about real totalitariansim – for example, radical Islam or maybe Putin’s Russia, – is scary and dangerous.

  4. Patty

    She’s an American commie. What these 1968ers delude themselves about is that sticking it to POTUS, Christianity and capitalism was passe years ago. They pretend it’s still edgy and radical.

    ‘Artists’ produce Piss Christ and make portraits of the Virgin Mary out of elephant dung as if they’re risking arrest. A risk would be a Piss Mohammed or reprinting the Danish Cartoons of Doom. I suspect the delusion comes from their infantilism. They want to be noticed but wouldn’t dream of earning genuine notoriety in the attempt.

  5. Wolf is American although we can blame some of her education on the Brits (she was a Rhodes Scholar). She happens to have assisted the Clinton campaign in 1996 and was a paid consultant for the Gore campaign. Neither is a damning fact (let me finish gang) in and of itself, but I didn’t see that mentioned by the publication. Maybe I missed it. Full disclosure should have been made.

    Bush is no Hitler and Gitmo is no Gulag (although I wish the administration would abolish its clinging hold on the practices there). Wolf tends to go over the top in her criticisms, and I have found her in the past to value talking points over factual points. In this instance there are clearly valid criticisms to be made of the administration. But a slippery slope into a police state I don’t see. Besides, she ignores the greatest threat to the Bush police state – the administration’s incompetence.

  6. Patty,

    Ironic isn’t – see Pete More’s post ‘One rule for me,…

    At least America does have some form of ‘Freedom of Information Act’, which is supposed to cover all aspects of public life, bar anything relating to high level security.

    Here in ‘non-fascist’ UK, the MP’s are loathe to disclose anything, in case the public get to know just how really mendacious and corrupt they really are.

    Read Pete’s post to see just what lengths they will go to prevent the public from taking too close a peek at anything more serious than a petty cash voucher.

    As they are so fond of telling us when discussing things such as publicly sited CCTV, – ‘If you are innocent, then you have nothing to fear!…that should also apply to them and the disclosure of information on all, or any aspect of government business.

    Local Councils are also psychotic when it comes to revealing any worthwhile information.

  7. Oi don’t blame us! Rhodes scholars are unteachable – Clinton was one

  8. Yawn, I was almost asleep by number 3. This is the same old tired liberal crap they’ve been pedaling for years. Nothing new here, all echo.

  9. How right you are, Mahons!
    It’s obvious that America is too firmly rooted in its democratic traditions for anyone to take the threat of fascism seriously. Even its support for fascist regimes has been declining throughout the past 20 years since the end of Reaganism. I think we may soon reach a stage where other nations will look to America to guide them into the Promised Land.
    Two down, Three to go, Mahons.

  10. Sara – classic line.

    Adrian – Funny. I had to double back in horror when you agreed with me and saw I may have to qualify my opinion of the article. For clarity – Wolf is over the top and her historical analysis is weak. However, she does point to some problems/abuses that the administration itself has caused, but I disagree with her ultimate conclusion.

  11. Gitmo inmates receive 15 sheets of toilet paper per day:


    As beastly as it already is, I say remove 14 and save the world.

  12. I agree with everyone here..except Sean. Naomi Wolf has got carried away with being dubbed a hot new cultural chronicler a few years ago when she was briefly acclaimed for her feminist writing. Sheshould stick to writing about the politics of beauty rather than trying to identify fascism.

  13. Adrian, you said something nice about America! I’m bookmarking this thread!

    Pete, the inmates receive toilet paper? We probably had to show them how to use it!

  14. Naomi Wolf advised Gore in his presidential campaign. LOL! She is a total dope.

    Oh yes – it was Naomi Wolf who told Al Gore that he needed to project his ‘Alpha’ status in the pack. LOLLOLL!