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By ATWadmin On November 17th, 2006

795151-554327-thumbnail.jpgThose terribly civilised and caring folk at the United Nations love to talk about how terrible genocides are. In fact, talking is all this corrupt UN crew is capable of doing when it comes to dealing with the sort of monstrous savagery that has been taking place in Darfur. So as hundreds of thousands are massacred,  tortured and driven from their homes in these Islamic killing fields, the UN does nothing but talk some more. It’s hardly surprising given Kofi Annan’s track record of inaction in the face of genocide (Remember Rwanda anyone – or has that been sent down the memory hole by the MSM?) but it is sickening to have these UN hypocrites posing as if they are in some way doing any good when in fact all they do is sit back and let evil be done. This latest "peace-keeping" agreement will prove as useless as previous lame-brained efforts. The UN acquieces once more in the teeth of this ongoing Jihad-driven genocide and proves once more how utterly corrupt it has become. Talk Talk is all it can do.

8 Responses to “TALK TALK…”

  1. Perhaps the same charge can be leveled against the U.N. as the ‘left’ are so fond of leveling against the West in general, and America, in particular, – that the West is not interested in Africa, – ‘because there is no oil there’. Factually wrong, but the lefties, don’t care about that.

    The U.N. made billions from the ‘food for oil’ programme. Not much chance of them doing the same in Ruanda, is there?

    So perhaps we can say that the U.N. is just not interested in Africa – ‘because there is no profit there for them!’

    p.s. Did they ever prosecute all those Europeans who were caught with their hands in the till in Iraq?

  2. Nothing makes me feel more useless than reading about this tragedy. The nations that favor intervention should suspend all participation in any Remberance occasions of other atrocities until something is done here, because it is clear that we have failed to remember.

  3. Mahons,

    The UN has remembered to forget. It’s such a VAST tragedy unfolding and yet they DO nothing. It’s Rwanda all over again.

  4. David – I agree. If there was any such thing as the international community, this should be front and center. I have to tell you that my office is only a few blocks away from the UN, and that I see it on a daily basis and wonder what is the point? Do they read the writing on their own walls?

    When I was a child we used to collect money for UNICEF at Halloween. I still recall the little boxes would tell you how much you could feed a starving child for 5 cents, or cloth one etc. I used to empty my little savings into the thing calculating how many I was feeding. I thought the UN was great.

    Now the great tragedy of Darfur is not just the horrors inflicted upon its people, but the knowledge that the world could stop it today.

  5. yes the UN are at fault but so ,individually are countries like the UK and US, they can’t escape blame. If the US/UK alliance had chosen to intervene in Sudan to the extent that thay have done in Iraq they would probably have managed it to much greater effect and indeed a more worthy and more vital immediate cause than Iraq in my opinion.

  6. Colm: Individual countries are also at fault, but why the focus on the UK and US? How about Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Mexico, China, Japan, Russia, Italy, Brazil, South Korea, India, Egypt, South Africa etc? Because the truth is there is no will in most nations on this earth to offer any real sacrifice. They meet and complain, issue petitions and resolutions, and award prizes, but when it comes down to putting troops on the ground, I don’t see many takers.

  7. Mahons

    Because the US and UK chose to militarily intervene in Iraq thereby proving they do believe in intervention at least the other countries can say they are consistent in not choosing to do so at all.

  8. Colm: This may have been the greatest test I’ve experienced in respecting David’s request to avoid a certain level of profanity (not personal but directed at that particular thought).

    Tell me you don’t believe that sitting on their hands and making snide remarks about the US & UK intervention in Iraq gives any of those nations a moral pass in doing nothing about Darfur.

    Every fucker in the UN (sorry David – couldn’t hold out) can complain all they want, but the truth is that the international diplomatic community is washing their hands of the crisis. It is a disgrace that I’ll acknowledge we share, but not one that I would acknowledge that there is less culpability among the usual sideline crowd.