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For the Lovely Lady

By Patrick Van Roy On April 29th, 2011

24 Responses to “For the Lovely Lady”

  1. Yet despite months of coverage, rising to a crescendo of print and broadcasting frenzy this week, the country has remained resolutely phlegmatic. Cameras pick out the wildest enthusiasts camped out or dressed as brides, yet the Guardian/ICM poll and others put those expressing “strong interest” at only 20%.

    In poll after poll, more than 70% refused to be excited. Laconic, cool, only half the population said they would watch Friday’s flummery. Few are republicans – though latest YouGov polls show those of us hoping the Queen will be Elizabeth the Last has risen to 26% – but a healthy scepticism thrives. Not love of monarchy but fear of something worse wins the day as the spirit of “confound their politics” prevails over the thought of some second-hand politician as head of state.


    If you Americans love this so much, you pay for it.

  2. Kateyo –

    What’s this, you’ve taken such a kicking downstairs you think you’ll have a sympathic audience here? Believe that and you’ll believe that Guardian/ICM poll.

    The NYT will endorse Sarah Palin before the Guardian drops its lefty agitprop.

  3. What’s this, you’ve taken such a kicking downstairs you think you’ll have a sympathic audience here?

    What does this mean? Can you translate.

  4. The Guardian had a very fair-minded and balanced take today. But I appreciate that fair and balanced are totally alien to Rightworld- anyone who doesn’t sign up 100% to the cause is a commie scumbag.

    Except that Rupert Murdoch (Fox, and 40% of the British papers and also Sky in about 50 other countries) is an arch republican. Not just in the USA sense of the word, but also in dear old Blighty.

  5. According to the royal website the Queen costs each taxpayer 62 pence per person, for every person in the country that is, and that is just her, not charles etc.


  6. Worth every penny.

    And may God Bless the New Baroness Carrickfergus.

  7. Thats not including grants from department of transport for their travel and aircraft, and grants for the up keep of their residents which they get from westminister, so hope you have deep pockets to keep them in the style they are accustomed, especially when theres no money to keep hospital wards open and you or a member of your family may need it.

  8. Absolutely.

    It sures beats paying the 100 Euro a day they charge in my nearest neighbours.

  9. It sures beats paying the 100 Euro a day they charge in my nearest neighbours.

    And they’ve no monarchy to pay for, you could end up with both, NHS charges are coming. Infact I was at a protest outside the RVH where there were posters of charges of £15 per night. Remember we haven’t felt the cuts yet, but after May 5th we will.

    Of course, they could have a referendum on it, the call for a vote on the need for a monarchy has been in the media for a long time, still no vote. It’s a dysfunctional family, three of the queens four children are divorced, look at the spectacle margaret was, Diana who criticised the royals was the most liked member of it until this wedding. Why would Britain embarrass its self with a dysfunctional family like that one at the helm?

    It’s so needless in a democracy, why does Britain need it, the British monarch serves no purpose.

    Sure everybody feels nice after yesterdays wedding but all the hopes of the monarchy are pinned on this young couple. If they fail the future of the whole edifice goes down the pan with it, they shouldn’t have to bear that.

  10. Kateyo,
    Are your “piles” (haemerrhoids) playing you up?
    Never known you quite so irritable…
    Try Anusol 🙂

  11. Still no argument Agi? One of those planes in that flyover yesterday cost 9,000 pound to keep it in the air for one hour. Who paid for it? AFAIK it was the MOD, who complained not too long back about cuts to their budget, with all sorts of wails against such measures from this blog, still worth every penny?

    And one soldier interviewed yesterday was surprised his regiment was there, back from Afghanistan where they are short of personnel to play toy soldiers to the monarchy.

    Any reply on the topic? No. Thought not 😉

  12. Kateyo

    If there was no interest, and very small numbers of crowds on the streets and a visibly embarrassing apathy amongst the vast mass of the population to this event then all your arguments about wasted money would have a point. There are a lot of people like you who are hostile or indifferent to this sort of thing, but equally there are clearly and undeniably many millions who thoroughly enjoyed it, looked forward to it and lapped it up. Are their interests less worthy of being catered for than those who opposed it ?

  13. When one fly over costs almost 270 thousand, and a significant majority of the people out yesterday were tourists (i.e. don’t contribute toward this) maybe, yes.

  14. I doubt very much if a significant majority or indeed a majority at all of the whole crowd who watched were tourists – but even if they were, surely such a degree of foreign interest and the money that generates helps justifies the expenditure.

    Secondly, the fly past involves precision training and timing and would be part of the general operational duties of the RAF anyway. If the money wasn;t being spent on the flyover, those planes and their crews would be still be being used in other operational and training duties anyway. They werem’t just built and used for this occasion.

  15. Knowing and being thankful for the type of mind which produced the aircraft flying within the BBMF, I hope that that same Flight goes on costing this country an exorbitant sum of money; a sum which is a pittance in terms of the debt we all owe to those who flew, fought and died so that the likes of the whingers who inhabit this site can carp, complain and moan to their hearts content!

  16. I do, Kateyo, I do!
    (I think I now have you pegged as a lady,
    cue fluffy puppy)
    So I apologise for the piles comment.
    I have a great deal of respect for females, because that’s the way my mother brought me up…

    Here are my observations and arguments…

    1) I accept that we have to have leaders, although a higher quality of leadership
    would be preferable.
    2) Leaders of societies tend to spend other people’s money in the form of taxes, to ensure a degree of safety, functionality, prosperity and unity.
    3) Providing that those commitments are met, we the people should be willing to meet the costs.

    In our country we have a constitutional monarchy, and so far the majority of people are happy to retain it.
    Historically the monarch has had/inherited lands and valuables with the consent/recognition of Parliament.
    The monarch does pay taxes, and together with his/her family, retain the affection of the people because of their involvement with the armed forces, charities and acting as an anchor for our culture and our history.

    The current monarch Queen Elizabeth II, is well aware that the times they are a’changing, and as far as \I can see she is willing to make changes.

    (Now this is where it gets controversial, but please bear with me –
    stress is bad for haemerrhoids..)

    1) I don’t give to charities to save children in drought stricken parts of Africa,
    because providing more aid means that more children will be born,
    and once the Western world loses interest,
    those extra children will suffer from future droughts, land shortages, resource shortages,
    and even more people will die.

    Similarly in the UK,
    the more of our taxes get directed towards enabling people to survive on State benefits, the more the numbers of dependents on the State will grow.
    The more the State becomes the provider for all kinds of needs, the more the numbers of needy will increase.
    So, as you may have guessed by now, I am not a big fan of the Welfare State.

    The Monarchy in one form or another, has been with us for round about a thousand years.
    Its powers are very limited nowadays, but it still retains the affection of most British people, and act as a focal point for us.

    I would rather have a monarchy that plays a vital part in defining us as a people (even though I would like to see changes made);
    than to see an increase in benefits and services paid to an ever larger number of people who seem to be content to live off the cash taken from hard working and law abiding tax payers..
    plus the immigrants who don’t want to work, don’t want to integrate, and produce evermore numbers of children, secure in the knowledge that the costs will be met by the taxpayers..
    plus the drug addicts and alcoholics who claim incapacity benefit which helps supply their addiction, courtesy of the tax payer.

    So, I don’t complain when a young helicpter pilot cursed with premature baldness and social obligations he never asked for, meets and marries a lovely young woman who gives him the love and security he needs to meet those future obligations..

    Rather a young man like that who is trying to be a valuable member of society, than a load more no hopers content to live on State handouts..

  17. “So, I don’t complain when a young helicpter pilot cursed with premature baldness and social obligations he never asked for, meets and marries a lovely young woman who gives him the love and security he needs to meet those future obligations..”

    Nicely said. It was a splendid affair. Love is in the air.

    ( I have to say, that one of Prince Andrew’s daughters looked like a clown yesterday and Harry’s girlfriend- was she in the middle of a chronic hangover??)

  18. Ach Kateyo, dry up and blow away.

  19. I think you make an excellent point here, Colm. Obviously, many thousands benefitted from the wedding – and I don’t mean in a material way.

  20. No! No!

    I’m finding her pathetic attempts to disguise her bitterness and hatred with warped logic most entertaining.
    So came on kateyo give us more of your c*ap, i haven’t had such a laugh in ages.

  21. Ach Kateyo, dry up and blow away.

    ach pinky that is almost a term of endearment from you, I must keep it in reserve for you on patty’s threads 😉

  22. warped logic..???

    20 million of warped logic 😉

  23. Worth every penny.

    If all else fails we can always take back the billions we ‘lent’ to the Irish Republic.
    I’m sure they won’t mind.

  24. They doidn’t have to, they could keep their money and watch their exports fall, or not borrow the money to lend, Britain borrowed it at 3.5 per cent and are charging Ireland five percent. Since Ireland is more than likely to pay the money back, it is in Britains interest to give the loan.

    Still twenty mill for the met and 270 thousand for one fly over and imv there will be more when this is totted up will Elizabeth contribute from her estimated wealth of around 650 billion. Don’t think so, do you?

    But if its worth it to you, not much point in your moaning about it when shortages in front line services come to your own door, at least you will have the comfort of knowing where the money went to. Not including what it cost business to close for an extra bank holiday…£££££ 😉

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