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Simply the Best!

By Mike Cunningham On April 30th, 2011

Amongst the millions of lines in newspapers, hours of comment and exposition upon every channel under the sun; Tweets, Likes, blog posts and letters on yesterdays Big Day, I reckon the prize for the simplest, most apposite and pointed commentary goes to the letter from the pages of the Daily Telegraph:-

A special day. British pageantry at its best. Happy faces, smiling crowds. Not an EU flag in sight — what a bonus.

Ted Hawkins



3 Responses to “Simply the Best!”

  1. And to make it even more extra special, Not one single invitation for the EU was sent out by the Royal Family..

    Apart from Cameron.

  2. Are the Royal Family trying to make a statement?

    If the Irish were to host a big country-wide event, unlike the Brits, they invite the entire European Union governmental infrastructure.

    WHY?……………The auld tried and true Guinness seduction:

    They’d try and get them so drunk they’d forgive the billions Ireland owes the E.U.

  3. Yep, and see how that process has worked out so far:-

    Debt Interest reduction….Nil

    Pressure to increase Corporation Tax…..Increased

    Further debts realised………..Definitely

    Interest in Irish problems and in ways of reducing debt burden…..NIL

    All in all, the chosen path of the Republic’s Government (sorry, the E.U. representatives seated in Dublin)) being ‘Forgive and Forget’…..On Track