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By ATWadmin On November 17th, 2006

question203.jpgDid anyone else see the BBC’s "Question Time" programme last night? Wasn’t it hopeless?

Boris Johnson – the alleged Conservative, just about agreed with everything that lefty "comedienne" Shappi Khorsandi said. Just hopeless. Boris may be a well educated guy – but I think his "Billy Bunter Public Schoolboy" image that he so carefully cultivates is revolting. He’s a class clown ironically, Khorsandi was not even funny! Maybe she should try and enter politics and Boris could try stand-up? Did you spot his faux anger when Cameron was (rightly) mocked?? Hilarious.

Meanwhile the disastrously inept Tony McNulty was there to parrot the Government line. He was awful – no wonder he was sacked when Immigration Minister! I laughed when he pointed out the difference between what "normal" people think and what politicians think. Say no more.  

Finally, we had Robert Kilroy-Silk – who appears even more eccentric than ever. He’s a bit odd, I think – and politically confused. He’ll not get re-elected – so I hope he enjoys the 15 minutes of fame that his MEP position provides. It won’t last.

6 Responses to “QUESTION TIME WATCH….”

  1. At least the audience was a bit more to the right than usual. Must be those pesky blogs.

  2. Tell me you watched This Week on BB2 after it?!

    It was brilliant, this French philospher was on there talking about islamic gansgta fascists and how France has a head start as they were fighting them in the ’80s

    I did think it was quite amsuing when Silk started dissing Cameron saying he’s usless and Boris jus said "shut up, robert!". Sounded like back in the playground… hehe

  3. jonz,

    Yes – I did indeed. I laughed at Portillo and Abbott looking confused at the idea that you might lock up terrorists.

  4. yes it was very amusing!

    here’s more on that guy


  5. I agree that Boris carefully projects his buffoon image, but he doesn’t have to try too hard. Still, at least he’s amusing.

    It’s true that Blair wiped the floor with Cameron in Parliament on Wednesday. It reminded me of Thatcher in her pomp, effortlessly swatting away Neil Kinnock’s questions.

  6. I think the panel were appalling and actually quite inarticulate. They were all over the place with not a single common sense cheer out loud comment between them. 2 topics (the one about the Griffen race hate trial and the compensation for heroin addicts) were ripe for a simple clarion call of exactly how they should have been dealt with but no-one managed it. Very poor.