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Friday Quiz: Three Politicians, but …

By ATWadmin On November 17th, 2006


Which one is venal?





Which one is stupid?






Which one is mendacious?



Answers on a postcard


2 Responses to “Friday Quiz: Three Politicians, but …”

  1. They are ALL disgusting.

  2. Not strictly on topic, but it probably qualifies if the topic is General Sleaze…

    From the Mail today…

    Quote re Frost and Al Jazeera:

    "Prime Minister Tony Blair will be one of the first interviewees on the English-language version of Arab news channel al-Jazeera, it was reported.

    He will be interviewed by veteran broadcaster Sir David Frost on his show, Frost Over The World on Friday.

    Sir David, 67, told The Guardian that Mr Blair would be the first guest on his new weekly show. But he admitted he had qualms about joining the platform because of claims that it has acted as a propaganda platform for extremists.

    "So I deliberately checked out, with Whitehall and with Washington, that there were no links with Al Qaida, for instance, that sort of thing," he said.

    "And it was not really a surprise that there were no such links, because Qatar, the proprietor of al-Jazeera, is also our most important ally in the Middle East."

    And he believed every word he was told!

    I would have thought that the ongoing faux news scandal would have told him all he needed to know about ‘our ally in the ME’.- or perhaps it did not surprise him, it all probably seemed quite usual and normal to him…like being ‘home from home’ for him…