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By David Vance On May 21st, 2011

5 Responses to “THE LITTLE BULLY?”

  1. True

    But the red map of Israel haters needs to be expanded east, to include Iran, etc.

    The geek with the camera is the Al Jazeera flunky?

  2. I think it’s meant To be a rocket launcher.

    And I am not sure to what extent Indonesia, for example (as the most populous Muslim nation) is “against” Israel or for the Palis.

  3. Well said PG.

    But Phantom is right – Iran is the nexus of Israel’s enemies. Its despotic, murdering, raping regime of bearded mullahs regime denies that the holocaust ever happened.

  4. Actually, conspiracy theories about Jews abound in Malaysia and Indonesia. It seemed almost impossible to have a conversation in Malaysia and Indonesia without the topic of Jews and their nefarious plans for the world coming up in discussion. The first 100 or so times you hear them, it’s hard not to get irate. By now, I just accept that half the people I meet have read some variation of the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’. It’s that nutty.

  5. Quite obvious on this site who gets sucked into the narrative http://tinyurl.com/3h4m2lh