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When A Keystone Canary Sings

By Patrick Van Roy On May 24th, 2011

When A Keystone Canary Sings, you should listen. I come from the Keystone State, it’s the most beautiful and varied state in the U.S.

Pennsylvania is where everything started for this country, we are the Nations Keystone. My state offers everything you could want, we have Coal, Lumber, Agriculture, Dairy, Oil, A Large Port, Railroad and Steel, hell we even have a Diamond Mine. We have a long History of not only Industrial Diversity, but human diversity. From the Amish to the Industrialist, and every group in between. Pennsylvania was the End of the Line and the Goal of Freedom of the Underground Railroad.

All Freedom and the hard work to earn it began in Philadelphia. The State has produced every kind of industry and every type of person that is needed to do the hard work to lead a good Free Life. The hardest workers in my State delve deep into the Earth for that rich black rock Coal. It’s hard and dangerous work. In the early days of Mining in my state there were a lot of explosions and fires.  Gas would build in the mines and being that it was orderless and colorless you knew the danger was building but if you didn’t pay attention you would die. Many lives were lost. One mine that exploded and caught fire has been burning for over 60yrs and will burn for hundreds more.

To save the lives of our miners we gave them Keystone Canaries, strong song birds to hang in the mines. The birds would sing all day and night, if the birds stopped singing you were dead. Some miners liked the birds, and always listened to them, others would get annoyed at constantly hearing them, so they shut them out. Since they would ignore the birds they wouldn’t notice that the danger had reached an explosive level and because you didn’t listen when they sung you didn’t notice when they died, that’s when what killed them kills you.

Much like the Jews and the Arabs don’t you think? The Jews are the Canaries in the Coal Mine of the Middle East, and a lot of people get annoyed hearing them sing, constantly over and over about the holocaust and evil in the world. Just like the canary they are ignored and shut out, and just like in the mine once they are killed by the danger it to will be to late for the rest of us.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a Keystone Canary, who a person is is formed in their teenage years. The environment you are raised in influences you to be the person you are as an adult. Bibi spent those years in Philly, and the mark of those days shine in him today. He is steadfast, loyal, straight talking and hard as Pennsylvania Steel.

Truly one the greatest politicians of our day. Today he sung before a joint session of our government, both houses of Congress and the Administrative Branch. HERE is the speech he gave. What he said needs to heard, less we all wind up dead in an explosion.

12 Responses to “When A Keystone Canary Sings”

  1. From the speech

    So it’s therefore vital, absolutely vital, that a Palestinian state be fully demilitarized.
    And it’s vital, absolutely vital, that Israel maintain a long-term military presence along the Jordan River.

    So the Palestinian state won’t actually be a state.

  2. is Japan a state? is Germany?

  3. They both have militarys.

  4. nothing that can threaten their neighbors, and each have a huge american military watch dog

  5. lol I don’t think ‘watching the natives’ has been one of the reasons for a large US military presence in both those nations for a long time.

  6. Good post, no matter where one stands on the issues.

  7. RS once again proves he’s Really Stupid

  8. thank you

  9. I didn’t know that Bibi spent his teen years in Philadelphia. I don’t know which is a tougher place, Philly or the Middle East.

    I hope he didn’t eat any cheese steaks. The voters in Israel wouldn’t approve!

  10. yeah he went to highschool in Philly, and you have to eat cheese steaks, that’s just the way it is

  11. Troll – Bibi as a canary? I know why the rage bird sings.

  12. Since when do canaries start wars and ethnically cleanse people off their own land?