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By David Vance On May 24th, 2011

Have you seen this?

35 Responses to “CRINGING”

  1. Didn’t see it, but it is also in the MSM (is actual news no longer important?). I’m not sure that the essential realtionship will be severed because of a missed cue.

  2. Obama quoting Skakespeare (or De Vere, for David) while God Save The Queen is playing in the background. What more proof of Obama’s BRITISHNESS do we need !

    Irishness is so yesterday 😉

  3. Wait, I thought it was My Country Tis of Thee?

  4. Mahons

    Dontchageddit? It’s just another stick. It’s about as relevant as Patty’s post about the vehicle mishap in Dublin.

    But these guys give Palin a bye-ball for her many feats of ignorance and cheer her on for the GOP nomination.

    I wonder will Obama be able to see Russia from Warsaw on Friday?

  5. Not with all that Volcanic Ash.

  6. lol

  7. Sarah Palin was at the dinner. It was her job to start the anthems playing..

  8. Colm, lol!

  9. Ouch!

  10. I thought that he did not like the British! He was probably swallowing the rising bile in his throat as he made his toast.

  11. He has certainly expanded the definition of a ‘suck-up’, – he did it in Gaelic, (shouldn’t there be an ‘r’ in there somewhere?), now in the Queens English, – where next? Warsaw and Polish tomorrow, – who knows where this man’s talent for linguistics will lead.

  12. Link to Wicked Thoughts:- http://bussorah.wordpress.com/

    “Obama doesn’t even know what year it is — signs as 2008: “Everyone wishes they could turn back the clock sometimes, and it turns out Barack Obama is no different. He got the date wrong by three years when he signed the guestbook at Westminster Abbey today on his official visit to the UK – despite apparently asking the dean what day it was. Following a tradition set by former presidents Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, he laid a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, before going into the nave to sign a heartfelt message in the Distinguished Visitors’ Book.”

  13. Oops!!!!

  14. Obama is falling apart. I think he’s losing it.

  15. In fairness to Mr. Obama, he probably didn’t know what the British anthem was, and was unaware of the high significance of such musical pieces.

  16. Peter: it’ “schtick” (yiddish for gimmick) not stick!

    regarding the Dublin ditch that Obama found himself in – the minor mishap was just too good to ignore given Obama’s insulting metaphor whereby he told the country that the Republicans had “driven the country into a ditch” and therefore Republicans should shut up and “sit in the backseat.”

  17. lol!

  18. Obama doesn’t know what year it is – how could he be expected to know what the Bristish anthem is, or the protocol at a state dinner when he goes to visit a foreign country?

    I mean, it’s not like he’s President of US or anything…oh..wait…

  19. wiki is your friend

  20. We stole the tune

  21. The only thing being lost are seats TO the democrats in heavily GOP leaning areas.

    How ironic that the president who was lambasted for bowing too low to one monarchy, is now lambasted for not obeying the protocols of another monarchy.

    But then, when the President who had the largest US foreign policy achievement under his belt in maybe 30 years is still plagued with the silliness of the loony right- oh well!!

  22. Didn’t you sing that in grade school with the other kids? I did.

  23. context, Piky, context

  24. Context?

    Is that the same as Rush’s ‘nuance,” excuse that is rolled out when you are faced with the reality?

    Poor old Patty.

  25. Patty and Phantom

    By all means criticise Obama when he is in the wrong, but he wasn’t on this occasion. The band struck up before he had finished his speech. They were in the wrong, not him.

  26. They were wrong —

    but he was slow to pick up on what was happening.

    The Queen ” got it ” in a millisecond, but it took the President an agonizing few seconds to understand that the anthem was playing.

  27. Phantom – If he broke off the toast midsentence then he would be lambasted for that. Sometimes mishaps occur.

    In the main I thought he was quite correct in acknowledging the essential relationship between our two great nations and the fact that (as he noted) it does not depend who is in office.

  28. “largest US foreign policy achievement”

    And just what would that be? – it wouldn’t be running up the largest total of air miles in the shortest space of time would it? – and all while the country is still recession.

    Seems he cannot wait to get out of the country quickly, or often enough, probably because the natives abroad appear rather more friendly to him than those at home.

  29. The natives elected him President.

  30. “But then, when the President who had the largest US foreign policy achievement under his belt in maybe 30 years is still plagued with the silliness of the loony right”

    What’s this achievement that is apparently greater than winning the Cold War, the first Gulf War etc?

  31. Mahons,

    That was then, this is now! – ‘To know him is to ….. him!’ as the saying goes…

    You have to admit he does seem to be doing an awful lot of travelling.

  32. Ernest – He does travel a lot (I’m not sure more than anyone previosuly) but of course global trotting is more common now.

  33. Poor old Obama! he’s lost his mojo and it ain’t comin’ back, I fear.

  34. I’m sure that both Her Maj. and the POTUS have both attended enough formal functions to know that, however well you rehearse these things, sometimes there will be the odd little slip-up. Both the Queen and the President reacted as gracefully as possible, and no real harm was done. I’m sure they both had a little laugh about this very minor and inconsequential/unintended breach of ‘protocol’, afterwards.

    Let us by all means criticise Obama (or the Queen) on issues which really matter, but when we needlessly take them to task over meaningless slips such as this, we only weaken our position when it comes to the important issues.

  35. Excellent comment Tom. Take note Obamaphobes.