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“British commanders smelled a trap”

By ATWadmin On May 8th, 2007


Michael Yon reports again from Iraq.

3 Responses to ““British commanders smelled a trap””

  1. Great.

    And love their profesionalism.

    "That brief exchange between the Lance Corporal and his Major might seem inconsequential, but to military professionals that conversation was testimony about the caliber of officers and men in this platoon. In some units, a corporal would not have stood this important ground with a Major, even at risk of death to possibly innocent civilians. In some units, the Major would not have listened anyway"

  2. Very true, Alison. It’s a testament to the Corporal’s moral fibre and the culture he operates in.

    And behind all units is a commie lawyer waiting for any mistake.

  3. Yeah and the bastard msm