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Leave Him Hanging Mrs. Weiner

By Mahons On June 1st, 2011

I truly hope that Mad Anthony Weiner’ s wife doesn’t join him for one of those supporting press conferences we see all too often when wives whose husbands have been naughty stand by their man. 

The Congressman can not “say with certitude”  if a picture of a groin sent via Twitter is his.  As statements by a member of Congress regarding a Congressman’s member go, this might be the zaniest I’ve ever heard.   

The Weiners may have a you can  look but not touch agreement, or no agreement at all.  I just hope his wife spares herself the indignity of having to do the good wife walk that so many others found themselves doing over the years. 

As for Weiner, he committed no crime, and may never have broken his vows, but he’s certainly too creepy in both his actions and responses to this lunacy to obtain higher office.    She can forgive him or not, that is her choice.  But I hope she doesn’t subject herself to the circus of supporting him publically.  Let his staff do that.

20 Responses to “Leave Him Hanging Mrs. Weiner”

  1. lol

  2. No, she should support Weiner, no one want to see Weiner flip flopping about and a press conference where she kisses Weiner could really stiffen his resolve.

  3. Ross – I disagree, why should she stroke his ego in that way. Let him hold his own at the press conference, which I presume he’ll have to do at home for a while.

  4. Maybe you’re right, everyone bashes Weiner but perhaps that will just make him harder.

  5. ” truly hope that Mad Anthony Weiner’ s wife doesn’t join him for one of those supporting press conferences ”

    I could not agree more.

  6. He seems like a real dick to me.

  7. See common ground. Clearly he’s doomed.

  8. This guy is mentally unstable. For those who may not have seen his infamous rant on the floor of the House, this may be entertaining.

    One of his targets, Rep King was on the same side as Weiner on the issue at hand, but you’d never know it.

    There’s something wrong with him


  9. Phantom – He’s done, isn’t he.

  10. I sure hope so.

    I don’t ” get ” any of this, but I sure don’t want this character in our public life much longer.

  11. The entire concept of ” sexting “is beyond lame. It’s the opposite of eroticism.

    Tell this guy to go away, far away, where he can trade pictures with Brett Favre all day long.

  12. How come ATW missed the John Ensign scandal?


  13. It didn’t.

  14. Is Weiner really Jewish? Could anyone see if it was a skinless sausage on display?

  15. Apparently there is a rumour- and this is not a joke- that whoever found the photo may have digitally altered it to make it more embarrassing for Weiner, and that this is why he won’t deny it.

    One website has christened these people the “girthers”.

  16. Girthers? Ahhhh as in ‘Never mind the quality feel the width’….I’ll get me coat.

  17. The New York Post (hey that is a pun right there) headline “The Battle of the Bulge” was a classic.

  18. God bless the NY Post.

  19. NY Post on Weiner’s porn pal.

    This is truly the gift that keeps on giving.


  20. Weiner says he’s innocent, has been framed. Not sure if he’s fingered anyone (for the crime) yet.

    So this story may have an element of Baloney in it somewhere. …….I’ll get me coat.