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Isn’t Our Libyan Adventure Supposed to Be Over?

By Mahons On June 1st, 2011

Excuse me Mr. President, isn’t our limited  intervention in Libya supposed to be over by now?  I ask because apparently people are being killed in Yemen and Syria and, well we don’t seem to be doing much about that. 

I mean UNICEF is leading the way regarding condemning Syria’s Assad (where a 13 year old was tortured to death by Mr. Assad’s cronies).  If UNICEF is more vocal then the leader of the free world then something is really wrong. 

I mean, is there a plan, or is there simply an unfocused reaction?

6 Responses to “Isn’t Our Libyan Adventure Supposed to Be Over?”

  1. In the week that the butcher of Srebrenica was finally apprehended, it is timely to remember that there would have been similar massacres in Lybia if Nato had not intervened when it did. Benghazi and possibly other towns and cities would have been another Srebrenica.

  2. I mean, is there a plan, or is there simply an unfocused reaction?

    Libya was an opportunistic reaction. There were rebels to back so we backed them.

  3. Considering that the UN have been talking about removing Turkey from Cyprus since about 1972 i wouldn’t hold my breath.

  4. I don’t know if that is true or if it continue to be true.

  5. Rubbish Ghaddaffi is our mate, why only the other day I recall seeing Tony B Liar glad handing the old boy in some tent. Then Gordon Brown was in Tripoli saying he’s HMG’s bestest mate evah. BP was signing Oil deals and we were sending one of his hench dogs home on sick leave from chokey .. think he was banged up for some minor aviation thing or killing a policewoman…long time ago…nobody cares about that stuff anymore…not when there’s cash to be made anyway….and think if the OIL! (side note here Libyan Oil does not come to the UK our Refineries only accept Saudi crude- Libyan stuff goes exclusively to France).
    Now it turns out he always was a evil barsteward all along? Say it ‘ain’t so!

  6. Nonsense, – that is just your presumption! NATO has done as much damage and killed quite a few innocents in the last couple of months, almost enough to be called a massacre in its own right!

    All that has happened is that Ghadaffi has made a mockery of NATO.