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I heard it on the grapevine!

By Mike Cunningham On June 2nd, 2011

If you are doing something you shouldn’t be doing, and your search is on an office computer, your problems are only beginning.

According to court documents, Cheng Yi Liang, a chemist since 1996 at FDA’s Office of New Drug Quality Assessment, exploited his access to the agency’s password protected internal tracking system for new drug applications to learn whether and when certain drug applications would be approved. Together with his son, he used the information to buy and trade drug stocks, reaping more than $2 million.

Trouble is, he had been targeted because of suspicions of ‘Insider trading’, so the Health & Human Services investigators put ‘Hidden’ software on the chemist’s computer which logged every search, every keystroke which was made, and proved that the illegal searches and documentation viewed produced a profit of $379,000.00 in just over a month!

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